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Classic Army M15A4 CQB-R Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Rifle)

7 Customer Reviews

by Matthew R. on 07/21/2012
"I have owned mine for almost 7 months. The gun is amazing.

~23 bps on a 9.6
Fps is good for cqb and field.
Realistic trades.
Bolt catch works

The paint isn't on the gun well. It wears off in about 7-8 weeks of light use. It turns silver.
Dust cover wont stay shut
2 piece ris. ( not as solid as a 1 piece)
by Ian S. on 03/04/2009
"i got this gun about a year ago. At first the gun was great, then the gears sounded like they were grinding. but when i got new gears, cylinder, and spring, it became one the elite. it is a rele good gun overall, i have dropped it a number of times b/e im clumsy, and i havnt broken it yet.
by Matthew W. on 05/15/2008
"So far, the best AEG I've fielded. I've bit the heck out of mine, upgraded it several times both internally and externally, painted it, and dropped it, and it's still running beautifully. The barrel length is a bit lacking, but with a suppressor, one can easily add a standard M4 length tightbore. I highly recommend.
by Emmanuel G. on 07/17/2011
"This gun is an all around great M4 ment for CQB. When you get it, it comes with the gun, 2 rail covers and a vertical foregirp. It also fires 20 ball per minute with a 9.6v battery. Although it is a great gun it has some draw backs, the crane stock is wobley and fell appart, the charging handle borke off, the bottom rail is wobly and the back sight fell appart. Other than that I would recoment this gun to anybody who wants a fast firing, acurate m4.

Rate of fire
Wired to the back
Great internals

Sight reliability
Unreliable crane stock
Wobly bottom rail
Weak charging handle
by Daniel S. on 03/10/2009
"Own it. Love hate relationship though. Like any CA gun the externals are amazing. but my mechbox self destructed. As has been stated the barrel is to short. I put a madbull M4 length inner and out barrel on it. It was FAR more accurate. Now I'm jsut waiting for my new Matrix GB and motor for it. Overall a great gun as long as you PLAN on replacing your internals.
by Nathan S. on 01/08/2009
"I bought my M15A4 last march and it has performed extremely well. I have not upgraded it.
Solid construction, tight operation, well balanced with a crane battery, accurate up to 80 ft. A general blast to play with. Not a pain to field strip.

Initial loose connections to motor (had to crimp connections for full blown auto. auto vibrated them off when it was new). Not a tight hop-up (continues to fall back toward no-ball-spin (better known as going-normal), this is easily stopped with aluminum duct-tape stuck on the hop-up adjustments). Lack of operational realism (A real AR15 uses the charging handle to pull back the bolt and open the ejection port cover. The fake-like bolt plate on the M15A4 is immovable when the airsoft weapon is completely assembled and doesn't protect the hop-up. The charging handle pulls out only about 1/2-2/3 of the distance the real steel travels without a crisp "CLACK" and latch. The ejection port cover must be tugged by a finger nail to open the chamber for hop-up adjustments, a real pain when wearing gloves.)

Please don't think I'm ripping of this CA M15A4. Most airsoft AEGs have similar problems and detail flaws. Overall, if you want an all around effective and sharp looking AEG, this is an excellent choice, if you don't mind getting creative with some minor fixes.
by Ryan K. on 07/12/2008
"I bought this gun about a year ago and it was one of the best AEG's i've played with. i never dropped it and i always maitnenced it after a game. Until about 6 months after i bought it the teeth on the end of the piston just broke off. The spring wouln't compress at all and bbs would just role out of the barrel. i think the problem was that the made all the gears and just about eveything else in the gearbox metal except the piston housing and metal teeth on plastic teeth might be a bit rough. I did fix it though by putting in a aluminum piston and it works just as good as it did when i bought it. I would recommend this gun but be aware of this problem i had.