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Smith & Wesson Licensed M&P 9C Compact Airsoft GBB Pistol by VFC
by Nicolas W. Date Added: July 31, 2013
Review of The Cybergun VFC M&P Compact

First Impressions: When I first received this gun, the first thing I noticed was the sharp looking cardboard box. It didn’t have any flashing or shiny patterns, but instead a standard and mature cardboard finish. Upon opening up the box, there was the usual safety warnings about not shooting babies and not shooting your self in the eye. There was no “exploded” view parts diagram but instead a very detailed instruction manual on the gun of how to perform basic operations. In the box there were also two grips, one small and one large that are both easy to install on the gun. The gun itself came with the medium size grip pre installed. In the box there was also a unique serial number that snaps into place on to the gun. My serial number is “STA1964”. Their were minor oil stains on the slide of the pistol indicating that it had come ready to shoot.

External Appearance: The externals on this gun are absolutely amazing. The slide is a very high quality and made by VFC. The slide and body are also fully trade marked by Smith & Wesson. The lower part of the body has a very sturdy polymer frame (like the real steel version). The hand grip is very textured and has a rubber finish to it. The red tip on the gun simply unscrews counter clockwise with very little force. The sights are all black but in the box is the included glow-in-the-dark inserts with a white outline making this gun have night and day sights which are very bright. The barrel on this gun is also high quality metal. Overall, the external appearance is very very high quality.

Performance: I took this gun out side hoping that it would perform as well as it looked. When I filled the mag up with green gas it was absolutely silent which confused me since I wasn’t sure whether or not it was actually being filled up. The bbs loaded easily in to the guns magazine. When I inserted the mag and fired the gun it made a loud bang. The recoil was crisp and sharp while the bb went flying straight. Each time I fired the gun I felt the same crisp and sharp recoil action. This was awesome. I have never ever felt a gas pistol have this much recoil. This by far beats any KWA, Tokyo Marui, KJW and WE gun in terms of recoil. About 5 mags later I decided to try full auto. The gun shot at such a fast speed and the recoil was so crisp. It was once again, absolutely amazing. I went through even more mags and bbs until I finally stopped. My arm was starting to get sore from fighting this guns recoil. The gas efficiency is to par with KWA. This gun is awesome!

Looks: 10/10 No questions asked this is by far one of the best looking gbbs on the market. The S&W trade marks and VFC externals is the reason this gun looks amazing.

Build Quality: 10/10 This gun has extremely durable and feels like heaven to hold.

Recoil: 9/10 This gun is so much fun to shoot. The only downside is that the storng recoil takes away some accuracy. The recoil is crisp and sharp.

Accuracy: 8/10 The accuracy is questionable since the recoil is so strong that it minorly affects it.

Chrono: 285 – 296 FPS W/ .20g

Performance: 9/10 The gas efficiency is very good and so is the magazine capacity. The gun doesn’t leak gas and is easy to load.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10 The gun totally shocked me. This is the very first time I have written a review this long and that is because this is the very first time that I have been this impressed by a gun right out of the box. I have had many other top-of-the-line AEGs and GBBs but none of them made me be this impressed right out of the box. My other GBB is a very highly upgraded Tokyo Marui G17 (I’ve spent about $300-$400 on it) and yet this gun till matches up to it for its external appearance. I highly recommend this gin to ANY one wheather or not this is their first or 10th GBB pistol.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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