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CAA Licensed M4-S1 Carbine CQB Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black
by Adam G. Date Added: September 29, 2013
Hello airsoft community. I have written a review on this gun before, but that was when it was brand new out of the box. Here's an update to my opinion on this m4:


*90% metal; the rest is very durable polymer
*Has a functioning bolt-catch system, which must be used to access the hop-up.
*Super-realistic feel and look
*Descent fps of around 390
*Has a comfortable range and a nice spread---
^accuracy note^ - It isn't straight-line one-hole-on-the-target accurate, but shoots
well enough to get around a half-meter spread at 200ft.

*Has a very comfortable, ergonomic hand grip
*The stock is adjustable, rather comfy, has an adjustable cheek rest (which is removable), and also features a compartment for batteries (that you could also use for anything you want, like cigarettes if you smoke or something) The stock also has a rail on the side for whatever it may be that you'd like to put there.
*Includes removable flip-up sights (front is not removable)
*Features a customizable rail system that allows you to take off certain rails and put them somewhere else.
*The selector switch is easy to move (a con if you want something a little more tough to feel sturdy).
*It has licensed trademarks on it, making it look even more "official" and threatening. (On the 'threatening' note, don't brandish this thing in public.)
*The magazine is extremely sturdy and holds a fair amount of bbs (about 350 rounds), while looking really cool.
*Flash guard is removable (It's a 14mm negative thread. For those of you who don't know, it means "righty-loosey, lefty-tighty"). *REMOVE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION*
*Eligible for discounts (I got mine for $220 instead of $260).
*It has a shorter barrel, making it more compatible for CQB.
*This is the sickest-looking gun I own.

Now for the bad stuff...


*Doesn't some with a battery (requires a 9.6v small type, butterfly type. The correct recommended battery is in the description).
*The battery compartment is the most difficult thing on this gun - you gotta have some wicked finger- muscle to get it off, and put it on.
*The magazine misfeeds sometimes, but it won't strip your gears if you're using the appropriate bbs. However, your gears WILL strip if you dry-fire it excessively. That's a no-brainer for all AEG's.
*The magazine also has an annoyingly tight fit in the chamber. You kinda have to have a little muscle to switch mags.
*If you don't like a heavy gun, then that will be a con for you.
*The stock fell off after some time, but that was just a loose screw. To fix it, I took the stock off by pulling the lever DOWN ALL THE WAY instead of up, and I just pulled it right off, leaving a pole for a stock. After that, I took a standard screw-driver, and screwed in that loose screw, put the stock on, and it was good to go. And if you want, you can take the rubber butt-pad off to get to a screw that holds in the strap-hook.

Over all, this is a pretty decent gun. I would cry if anything happened to it, just as I said in my previous review. The only bad thing is that the compartment is hard to handle and the mag has a tight fit in the chamber. But those are just little things that can easily be adapted to. It's worth the money I spent. Highly recommended.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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