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JG Golden Eagle Full Metal AK AMD-65 Airsoft AEG Rifle
by nick p. Date Added: April 1, 2013
Ok, right off the bat I'm going to say this gun is incredible. I've had it for a couple of months now, and I've been more than impressed, especially for the price. You might think $225 seems like a large chunk of money, but trust me, it's worth every penny. The one thing that, above all, has stood out about this gun, however, is the noise. This is by far the LOUDEST airsoft gun I've ever fired. It's loud to the point that I've often considered wearing ear protection when firing it indoors. Not necessarily bad or good, it certainly makes it quite intimidating but might give away your position.

Now, pros and cons:

- full metal
- great price
- good FPS (I've clocked it in around 375)
- excellent range (the madbull hopup is really quite good, I've fired at around 175-200 feet no problem)
- the whole gun is steel, with a few exceptions: the pistol and vertical grips are both polymer, and the stock bar is pot metal. Don't let this put you off, however - the stock is extremely strong and can easily support the entire weight of the gun.
- The battery that comes with the gun is a 9.6v, and is quite good - don't just throw it away!
- the gun comes with 2 (yes, 2) 600 round metal high-caps

However, there is one major downside:
- atrocious accuracy. While the madbull hopup gives it range past the 200 foot mark, the short barrel has a major effect on the gun's actual grouping. While the bbs will travel that distance, at that range you'll be seeing a 5-7 foot spread. This makes the gun an excellent support or suppression weapon, it's definitely not suitable for any sort of marksman role. However, the AMD IS a vehicle crew / paratrooper weapon, so the short barrel is to be expected.
- the only other con I can think of is that the stock bar is quite low. If you want to rest your cheek on the stock, I would recommend an aftermarket stock riser - real steel AMD cheek risers should fit on this no problem. It is possible to rest your chin on the stock, which seems to work quite well, and if you've had problems with aiming down sights because of a full face mask, this stock would be ideal.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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