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z King Arms FN Herstal Licensed Full Metal P90 Tactical Airsoft AEG
by Dan H. Date Added: August 23, 2013
This gun is a joy to use especially from the perspective of a former paintball player. While the styling is odd and probably too feminine for some, it is extremely ergonomic and very comfortable to hold. The gun is lipo-ready, I used this with an old 3s (11.1V) model aircraft lipo and the rate of fire was noticeably higher.

This short gun is great for close quarters -- snap shooting, wrapping, and tucking into cover can all be done quite easily with this gun. Though a bit heavy for its size, proper use of the stock and good posture make handling a breeze. The weight balance is perfect, even one-handed use feels perfectly natural if that's what you want. I personally find this gun far more comfortable than the different A4 variants that I have tried, it moves much easier and feels more like part of your body, less like an attachment. Switching to off-handed use for cornering, clearing, or door-busting is quick, all features of the gun are perfectly ambidextrous once you get the feel of it.

On the downside, magazine changes are a bit of a pain and esp. if you are used to other guns, will require practice to perform quickly. With 100-round midcaps this gun only has about half the magazine capacity of a lot of other guns on the field (if also using midcaps). I found myself switching to a full magazine at any opportunity because you can shoot off 100 rounds just like that. Another downside, I found that adding sights to this gun is basically useless, in proper firing position the built-in ironsight is at eye level while any sights you put on the upper rail are too far above eye level to be of any use at all. Short of extending the stock upward in some fashion, or moving the rail down, you lose the point-of-contact between the stock and your face if you use any kind of sight on the upper rail. I've tried experimenting with different sights from ironsights to different types of red dots but abandoned all these for just the built-in ironsights. Which are okay, very accurate, but also takes forever to line up (it's just a little hole and notch in the upper rail itself).

As a CQB gun, there are no real deal-breakers here, it does everything it needs to well and it has enough range and rate of fire to at least pose a threat at longer ranges. The lack of a lower rail isn't a problem, the large 'trigger guard' takes the place of a foregrip and makes changing from right to left handed use that much quicker. So overall, if you can deal with the styling and a few minor issues it's a great gun for a starting out player who mainly wants to play aggressively or up-close-and-personal.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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