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Matrix Limited Edition Custom Alien Pulse Rifle Airsoft AEG
$360.00 $279.99
by Chris L. Date Added: July 23, 2013
I recently bought this gun a few months ago knowing that there would be some modifications that would have to be taken. I am a big fan of the aliens franchise and have dreamed of owning a pulse rifle since I was a kid, that being said I got motivated to do some mods after playing the recent aliens colonial marines 360 game. I know the game sucked, but it had some great additions to the pulse rifle that have worked very well for airsoft. DISCLAIMER: These mods require the disassembly of the pulse rifle, take your time on taking apart the green plastic section as it is pre-glued and will require some tender plying(about an hour to separate) so that you dont break the plastic. I recommend using a small flat head screwdriver and an exacto knife and patience! The following are the mods...

1. Mag well- Any reviewer/owner will tell you that this gun's mag well is very big for the skinny thompson mag. If you try to reload the mag without looking into the mag well odds are it will take you up to a minute to even load the mag. I went to home depot and picked up their smallest thinnest section of plexi glass(10x10" I think) for 3 bucks. I went home and disassembled the left(non counter) green side of the gun off so that the right side was still there and the thompson receiver was there too. I then loaded a mag and began to cut strips of the plexi glass out(clippers work great) and piece them around the mag. The idea here is to build a slim cage around the mag so that when you go to load it, there is only one route to load. After doing this, I glued about 5-6 little squares chunks via epoxy to the non counter side green plastic shroud just above where the mag cover is. When you glue enough of the squares on this side, it should make it where the mag has no way to move anywhere but directly into the rail on the inside of the mag well. I recommend getting painters blue tape and do mock fits with the tape as it is easy to remove before committing with epoxy. I can reload my gun in seconds and I can literally slam my mags into the mag well as well.

2. Orange tip- I dont mind the orange tip but I planned to put a silencer on it so I had to remove it. I first tried to wrench it off, but found it easier to take a small flat head screw driver wedge it between the barrel and the orange section. It will take a few minutes, but you should be able to remove it in sections. If you are a die hard fan and do not want to modify your gun beyond the scope of the movie, then you dont need to read further.

3. 1 point sling- Yes I didnít mistype that, I put a 1 point on my pulse rifle. I did this very simple mod by locating the metal bracket that helps hold the two green plastic body shrouds together that is behind the pistol grip that attached on the underside by to small screws and a big bolt. Remove that and depending if you are a right or lefty, drill a hole in the middle of that side and install your sling mount. In my case, I installed a small square rail there so that my sling point could rotate and sit on top of the metal piece. I chose this metal piece because the location of it is about right for a 1 point sling and it is a strong metal part that fastens very good on the bottom side of the gun. I originally had a two point sling, but found it very limiting when it came to reloading as the angle to load the mag was very tight and would take a lot of effort to load and would hinder me in cqb. Now I can swap hands and reload quick and this keeps the weight down when in long games.

4. Reflex imbedded in carry handle- This gun does not have any iron sights, but a valley to look through on the carry handle. I wanted this gun to be universal and accurate so I decided to go with a reflex sight as it is accurate with the game and it has a small/thin profile to fit INSIDE the carry handle. You will have to dremel out some of the carry handle where you plan to install the sight in order to do this. When separating the green shrouds, you will see a middle long piece that rests inside the carry handle, I mounted a plastic rail on there and dremeled around it to fit. Then I put the reflex sight in there and made my marks on the shroud pieces to be dremelled down. Take your time here so that you dont buzz off too much plastic. This is a great addition for sight acquisition and in low light you have a reticle! My gun is very accurate with this setup where it feels like a sniper rifle.

5. Flashlight- Since I am concerned with lowlight, I need to have a flashlight mounted. I mimicked the game and mounted a small rail on the opposite location of the bullet counter. The location is great because it is close enough to operate a flashlight with your thumb without much movement. I chose to go with the NCstar flashlight attachment that has an off set so that the flashlight will mount diagonally instead of just up. This helps to clear the green shroud but is still within reach of your thumb. Then following is the link.

6. Silencer- I wanted this gun to be very capable outdoors and so I decided to add a silencer which again is similar to the game. The game plan is add a silencer and then get an inner barrel that is 6-7 inches longer for more accuracy. I ordered a 7 inch silencer and a pistol silencer adapter with the same thread type, in my case 14CCW. When installing, break down the gun and remove the black outer barrel and see how the pistol silencer adapter is to it. Odds are the pistol adapter will have a smaller outer diameter than the barrel, which is normal. From here either take it to a machine shop which they will shave some of the metal off the end for the adapter to fit or if you have a lathe or other machining tools have at it, got mine done at a machine shop.

7. 9.6 battery- When you order this gun, it comes with a 8.4 battery that fits pretty snug. I run a 9.6 1600 mah battery in mine and it has a nice stock ROF. You can put a 9.6 in this gun but it is really cramped. Since I have a bad luck with short outs, I wanted to make sure this wouldnt happen to this gun. You should be very good at breaking the gun down at this point and disassemble the shotgun section and you will see a plastic tab where the battery naturally fits. You can break off this part and glue some foam(any foam insert you can find will do) about an inch further down so that you will have more room for a slightly longer battery!

My intention is that the people who read this review will have an understanding of the capabilities of this gun and an idea of what components I used and where to install them for optimum use. All the components I used were purchased through evike and I used some of their "matrix" line up as they are reasonably priced. TBH, I didnt start using my pulse rifle until about a month ago when my buddies gun took a crap and decided now was the time to test it. My gun is hands down accurate for long range outdoor games and has quick fast reliability for cqb, this is quickly becoming my fav gun because of its raw capabilities.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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