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Phantom Advanced 1-4X Illuminated Reticle Rifle Scope
$180.00 $140.00
by Dan S. Date Added: November 18, 2013
Great concept, but extremely poor execution. There's a good reason why the real ELCAN Phantom costs 2000+ dollars. The variable magnification mechanism is simply very difficult to be reproduced cheaply and reliably.

I purchased this thing based on all the rave reviews I saw here. A scope that lets you toggle between 1x and 4x zoom? That's what I call best of both worlds. However, when my scope finally arrived, an obvious problem appeared. The reticle simply doesn't line up between 1x and 4x mode. Zeroing in one mode will mess up the other, rendering the whole selling point of variable magnification completely pointless.

I assumed mine was just defective, so I started the RMA process with Evike for a replacement, while also purchased a different brand (G&G) of Phantom clone elsewhere, as I was planning to have two of these scopes eventually anyway.

To my displeasure, both the replacement scope and the G&G scope I received also appeared to have the exact same issue as the first one I purchased here on Evike. Now I'm not sure which brand they're selling on Evike, but if even G&G, a company known for their high quality, couldn't get this clone right, I doubt anybody else could manage to make a problem free clone.

Finally, I returned the G&G for a refund while started another RMA with Evike, hoping to finally get a working as advertised scope. It was a complete wishful thinking on my part, perhaps. The 3rd scope I received from Evike still has a misaligned reticle between magnification.

Right now I've given up on ever getting a properly working variable magnification Phantom clone, and just gonna use this as a dedicated 4x zoom scope. At least it looks great aesthetic wise when mounted on my rifle.

In short, stay the heck away from this scope. My guess is that all the raving reviews were probably all based on the relatively decent early batches, and the manufacturing tolerances have since gone to the toilet. Or I could be the unluckiest guy in the world. You be the judge.

On the side note, I'll commend's speedy handling on my multiple RMA requests. This scope might have been a bust, but I certainly will continue to shop here for a long time to come.

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars! [2 of 5 Stars!]
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