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Matrix PKM Russian Battlefield Squad Automatic Weapon Airsoft Machine Gun
$560.00 $430.00
by Michael S. Date Added: August 3, 2013
I'll start off by saying this is an excellent support weapon. It's reliable, it's got range, it's intimidating, it's capacious: both in BB and battery storage. It's massive. It's got a lot of advantages and a few cons to consider. I actually made a video review which is now on youtube, just search "a&k pkm review", it's the one by "taterbuzz"

I'll quickly overview some things any potential buyer should consider. I do recommend checking out the video review if you truly are serious about the PKM, but if you're just looking for some quick info I'll provide it here.

I modified a Romanian bakelite AKM pistol grip to fit, and also fabricated a wooden stock out of cedar to up the looks of the PKM. I'm planning to order some bakelite grip plates for the carry handle to complete the look. I replaced the ghastly orange tip with the shorter, subtler PKM flash hider. I also replaced the inner barrel and bucking nub; the barrel with a Matrix tightbore- which works reasonably well, and the nub with a piece of pen tube (as most do with the A&K M249s and M60s.)


-It's got ample space for bbs and batteries
-I've run lipos through it for 10,000+ bbs with no issues
-Gearbox is massive, solid, and loaded with decent parts
-Pushes 420 or so FPS out of the box, giving it decent range of about 180 feet
-Mainly steel components- and where it counts at that
-Very nice reinforced polymer stock, grip, and grip panels
-QD barrel works well and is solid
-Carry handle is thick stamped steel
-Takes upgrades easily
-No parts, internal or external, have broken with hard use
-Gets attention at the field- may annoy some

-ROF adjuster crapped out on me after about 1000 rounds, but it's easy to bypass
-Very heavy- I own an A&K M60 which is much easier to carry and wield. I do so without a sling. On the PKM however, a sling is almost a necessity.
-It's long. It's easy to bump trees as well as other players with it. Swing with care.
-It's a bit awkward to hold. The magazine gets in the way of a comfortable grip.
-Fair amount of zinc/aluminium alloy parts
-As others have said, the bipod is rather wiggly
-Accuracy out of the box on mine was just decent with a 12-16 inch spread at about 160 feet
-Somewhat pricy, but it is a PKM after all...
-Most players don't know what it is. A M60? No. A SVD? No. A M249? No. Etc...

Did I mention it's long?

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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