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PolarStar Airsoft PR-15 V2 Gen3 Fusion Engine Electro-Pneumatic Gearbox Kit
by Josh K. Date Added: May 4, 2013
Wow. Just. Wow. Polarstar, I would like to thank you for, well. Everything!
This thing is amazing. I couldnt ask for more!

Just to give you a background on me, I have been a technician for a few years now, I have setups ranging from 400fps @ 40rps to 600fps @ 20rps, and this thing can beat all of them with the swap of a nozzle and a few seconds of changing the FCU.
Now this can be used as a great advantage, or in a very horrible way.
Please abide by your fields velocity limits and DONT give all P* users a bad name!

Another thing that many people dislike about P*s is the need to carry an air rig.
Let me dispel that myth by just saying that you barely notice it.
I use a camelbak hydration system and it works great with the Ninja tanks.
The air rig itself feels like a sling and barely gets in the way.

I see a ton of compatibility questions here and I would like to answer them:

1) Will it fit in TM, VFC, King Arms, A&K, G&G, JG, CYMA, G&P, Matrix, AIM or other TM spec bodies?

2) Will it fit in a ICS split body?

3) Will it fit in a KWA?
Yes, but not without modifying the body. KWA body's are not to TM spec and you will need to do some sanding. Pain in the but, but it can be done.

4) Will it fit into other V2 gearbox guns?
Yes, It will fit, however it will not function/feed correctly. You will need selector switches as well as P* nozzles specific to your gun (IE like a G3 or similar)
Polarstar is working on getting them out, so eventually it will be a yes :)

How does it work?
1) Pull out your standard V2 gearbox
2) drop this in.
3) profit beyond everything

The Polarstar engine is a quantum leap in airsoft mechanics.
By utilizing HPA and solenoids, and eliminating the many parts that break in a standard gearbox, you get a system that literally, by definition, CANNOT break.

Trigger response is literally INSTANTANEOUS,
you can adjust RoF anywhere from like 8rps to 70rps,
FPS can be adjusted by changing the nozzle, (easy thing to do, takes 2 mins max)
You can also adjust how much air the engine pumps out of the barrel, which means you can actually utilize a 700mm+ barrel effectively, while in a standard AEG it is normally impossible, even with boreup kits and such.

Adjustable ROF
Adjustable FPS
Adjustable airflow for super long barrels.
Instantaneous trigger response.
Programmable burst mode
Drops in almost any standard M4 body.
extremely consistent, literally +-2 FPS deviation between shots at max (with a good hopup/bucking combo)

$$$ Cost
Air Rig is extra
Tank is extra.

Overall, this is the best airsoft system on the market.
Polarstars can run insane setups without any stress on the system (Google P*'s 1,000,000rd stress test)

The initial cost of the system can seem like a turn-off for most players, but the thing is, if you have nice $400 base gun, you will have to pay $100 to get it to a 400@40rps setup, plus maintaining the darn thing will cost at least another $50 every few months when parts break and stuff, so over time it will save you money if you run high ROF or high FPS setups.

Its worth it. Trust me. Getting another for my AK once I can afford it :P
Again, its totally worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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