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Matrix SVD II Dragunov Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Stealth Black)
$155.00 $120.00
by estion l. Date Added: December 21, 2011
Got the gun for christmas and as soon as i checked to see if everything was in the box i noticed how sexy this thing is and i mean it looks awsome... but my happyness was short lived because when i lifted up the gun the stock fell right off and the mounts that are suposse to hold it to the gun are snapped right off :(( so i filled out a rma to send it back and in the mean time i decided to check out the performance of the gun. and again i was amazed by it once i ajusted the hop up for the .4s that i also got with the gun i was hitting not my nabors fence between my house and his but my nabor's, nabors fence between their two houses and ive walked it with a wheel tape before and its 286ft ! i continued to fire and from about 20 shots 16 hit the fence and in aabout a say 5 ft round grouping ... as for more practical sniping at 200 ft i could hit a 3ft wide tree 8 out of 10 times mild wind and i belive that was the main problem aswell as my shotty electical taped stock \:( causeing me to wable..

beautiful cosmetics
strong fps
light (seams like to me anyways im used to saws and other heavy weight guns)

broken stock mine may just be a lemon but i hear alot of wobbly stock storys
not to be a wimp but cocking it after the 200 shots to ajust the finiky hopup made my middle finger swell up and turn purple (wear gloves will totally save your hands)
barrel has no threads
mag still has a little slop in it but from what i heard about the first gen. nothing in comparison and more than likely will not fall out
hop up ajustment not only finiky but annoying to get at plus its a rlly tiny allen and the gun doesnot come with a tool atleast mine didnt
slight forguard wobble

overall the pros totally out way the cons except the fact mine came with a broken stock thats y it deserves only 4 out of 5 stars not evikes fault prolly happend in shipping or the factory and the total pain in the butt hop up

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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