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CYMA CM052 Full Metal AK47 RPK LMG Airsoft AEG w/ Bipod - Real Wood (Package: Gun Only)
$235.00 $199.00
by Ethan E. Date Added: June 6, 2013
Excellent Support Weapon!


I received this gun in the mail a few weeks ago and all I can say is that this gun is a non abstract noun for excellence. When I first pulled open the box I was absolutely amazed at how realistic this gun looks. I have seen real RPKs at gun shows, and this one looks like they took the real thing and shoved airsoft internals inside it. It even has the removable gas piston and spring like the real thing below the steel cover. The real wood furniture is nice feeling, and really adds to the look of the gun. The rest of this gun is pretty much all metal excluding the strong polymer grip, and the gun itself is very sturdy and will withstand a decent amount of punishment. The bipod is easy to use and very quick to deploy, as well as looks very cool. The only downside on the externals are the stock. It is really wobbly. Tightening the screws made it less wobbly, but there is still an ever so slight wobble.


Performance wise is where this gun really shines. Right out of the box it is pinpoint accurate and has great range compared to other LMGs because of its longer inner barrel. The battery is comes with is a 9.6 and is actually the one I use, it is very high quality and has a very long life.The rate of fire on this gun with the 9.6 is very fast and perfect for a squad automatic weapon. I have used this gun in a few games and it was absolutely murderous! It is great for supporting your squad with heavy fire support and taking out those distant targets your buddies can't get to easily. It is also great for defending positions. We were playing Search and Destroy and I dug in hidden behind a tree and some bushes, well blended in with my camo and absolutely ripped through anyone trying to pass. I highly recommend that anyone who gets this get flashmags for this. The mag it comes with is ok, but looks weird and is not the best at suppressive fire for longer bursts. The flashmags make this thing even more beast in battle and it gives it a more classic RPK look. I have already ordered a drum.


Overall this gun is amazing for the price and will surely hold its own in combat. I use this in my role as a machine gunner and it fits in like a glove and will send the enemy diving for cover or force them to retreat. I give gun overall a 4.8/5. The stock is something to keep and eye on and the mag it comes with is not that great. But these problems can easily be remedied, and as long as you take good care of this gun, it will surely return the favor. And for only 230$ it cannot be beat. I recommend this to any airsofters looking for a great performing and great looking gun that is an eye turner on the field. All I can say is BUY THIS GUN!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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