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z Echo1 Full Metal M240B Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle
by Francis C. Date Added: April 27, 2011
Yes, the price is high. Yes, it's an Echo1. But is it really worth it?

I've owned this weapon for over two months now, and got it when it came out. It has done nothing but prove its worth to me as a highly dedicated support gunner. Other weapons in my arsenal include the Inokatsu M60E3, A&K M249 and A&K M60E4 just so people know i'm not inventing my perspective.

To be considering this weapon means you're probably a dedicated support gunner, which means you already know the disadvantages of the weapon. Yes, it's 18lbs of solid, sturdy, no creak aluminum. Yes, it's 49" long. But as a support gunner, large weapons should already be a fact of the game.

I put the weapon to the test at Skirmish USA on February 28. I went through 40k rounds the whole day. How do I know? I measured a .50cal Ammo Can with 8x bags of 5000 round BBs, filling nearly exactly to the brim. I really did not think i'd fly through BBs that fast but I did. The can was empty when I left Skirmish and I was down $100 worth of ammo. At least it was fun doing so. The M240 only jammed once the entire day, and i cleared it on the field just as the second game ended. Out of the box it got incredible range and accuracy, tested out to 55-60yards consistently for effective range on a man-sized target. 70 yards for suppression fire.

Now, is there anything to be wary of?
Yes, certainly as with all guns. The stock has been known to come off easily with a swift smack at the bottom, and in one case cut through the battery wiring for one person. My stock fits and sticks fine, so I guess I got lucky. Definitely clean the barrel though; it's filled with barrel-clogging gunk and your accuracy/consistency will improve dramatically.

Other things of worthy note?
The bipod is sturdy as all hell and i have no doubts it will hold up to a lot of strain and pressure for years. The box mag feeds as you pull the trigger, so no winding is ever needed. The mag also holds 4000-5000 rounds of BBs. The ladder sight is also fun for lobbing shots. One bad thing to note though, is the lack of places to hold the M240 while moving forward firing. Lefties will be more comfortable since the box mag is very intrusive to the support arm. It's an MMG class weapon though, so it should almost always be fired from a fixed position unless you can manage somehow?

So in the end, would I recommend this? Only to support gunners and dedicated collectors. But it is more than worth adding to their arsenals if you're one, and I hope you will be as happy with it as I was. I honestly only gave it a four star cause of its price and specialization. So support gunners, if you got enough guts and muscle to wield this, by all means join the M240 club!

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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