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APS Full Metal M4 CQB Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Crane Stock (Newest Version)
by Derick J. Date Added: February 22, 2011
Purchased this rifle two weeks prior to this review. Shipping issues caused my battery to be late however here I am to give you the first review on this specific model.

Opening the box:

This AEG came in a generic cardboard box, the usual type of box for a clone type weapon. heck Magpul PTS's come in a worse looking box. In the box you receive a metal highcap magazine, un-jamming rod, the weapon; 500 bbs and directions. It is all packed pretty tightly which all in all seems to keep the weapon safe during shipping.

Going over the weapon:

I removed it from the packaging only to get a smile on my face when I felt the weight. Completely surprised me that a sub 300.00 weapon felt this good and solid. No loose parts, the stock slid in each position smoothly and it is truly full metal minus the stock,flash hider and some of the parts in the gearbox/hop-up. You will love the weight. It really feels solid especially for a 200.00 weapon [ now 180.00 which is a steal considering I have seen it advertised for 250.00 ]

Test firing:

The weapon is rated for a 9.6v which all in all feels perfect for it. The battery is pretty easy to get in and out of the front hand-grip with the spring loaded retention ring. ROF is very good for a stock AEG, the EBB will make your eyes widen as it gives a slight jerk to it adding to the realism factor. I chose to use .25 Matrix Precision BBs for my test fire. Placed a few soda cans about 100 feet from my chosen position. it is spot on accuracy wise with proper hop-up adjustment. BEWARE though, the FPS seems a little low in the advertisement even with .25s. I noticed many broken BBs which leads to me to believe upon impact they shattered.


For someone like me who is just getting into airsoft I think this weapon is perfect. The price is spot on followed by the quality to match. a solid 9.6v battery, smart charger, mask, goggles,5000 rounds of ammo and extra clips only cost me 350.00. With that kind of price anyone can find a decent weapon and extras with a low budget; be able to play right away and enjoy themselves.

I recommend this AEG to anyone getting into airsoft or those who are already deep into the game and want a decent M4 at a solid price without breaking the bank. toss in a 6.03 tight bore barrel, some gearbox shimming and this gun can keep up with the best of them.

- some guy new to airsoft.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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