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(AIRSOFTCON EPIC DEAL) G&G FN Herstal Licensed FN2000 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black (Package: Gun Only)
$359.99 $280.00
by Casey R. Date Added: August 8, 2011
I don't like put up pros and cons of this and that i.e., the gun is amazing; so instead, I'll just put down my own experiences.

First off, this gun THE BEST gun for clearing rooms. Do the research; the FN2000 and TAR21 are both designed to make cornering quicker in CQB situations.

However, this is not a good "firing from cover" gun. When you put this gun in its firing position up against your shoulder, the firing position that is formed is very "static"; meaning, there is no freedom to move the butt of the gun away from your shoulder when say....firing from cover. One reason for this is the gun is very very thick. Compared to your average M14, SCAR, G36, or even the TAR 21, this gun is very very thick and bulky. This is great in a CQB situation - i love it - but good luck holding it up like a G36C or an M14 and peaking over coverage to shoot in a woodland type setting.

The other thing I didn't like about this was loading this gun in prone position. Its tough and funny to watch. It is much easier to load say a SCAR or M14 from the prone position - try it while .25s are screaming over your head.

Anyway, there is one known issue with this gun. The issue with most all of the G&G FN2000 guns (u can look this up on youtube) is that the motor moves back a bit while firing the gun and when this happens the motor dislodges itself from the internal trigger by just a few millimeters. This is permanently fixed by securing the motor a bit more than what G&G did (they didn't do anything extra). What I did was insert a small piece of THICK adhesive foam padding inside the butt of the rear stock (between the motor and the butt plate. This helps absorb the motor movement from moving back. The fix looks and works 100% awesome.

I highly recommend a tight bore barrel and the real steel FHN FN2000 3 point harness. The harness is a must with this gun. The harness made for the real steel fits like a glove and doesn't comprise the internals and all.

I love this gun. But to me, it isn't for every situation (like most guns).

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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