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(AIRSOFTCON EPIC DEAL) G&G FN Herstal Licensed FN2000 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black (Package: Gun Only)
$359.99 $280.00
by Marcus F. Date Added: February 28, 2011
G&G FN2000

I got this AEG through evike using the 18% off coupon. With that, it became a fair price.

First Impressions:
Out of the box this oar-paddle looking like thing is hefty. I was seriously doubtful on how it will be practical to lug around in the field. It's certainly on the other side of the spectrum in shape and size compared to the slimmer M4, M16, Ak's out there. But this thing is solid. From top to bottom, I'm confident to say it is one of the finest build rifle I have ever held. I was also surprised on how comfortable it is to hold. The balance is one aspect that really shines while wielding this rifle. Target acquisition will be natural and not forced.

Loading and unloading a magazine is solid. The huge mag release is a smart touch. The best part, I have a few PMAG mid cap shorties that fit and feed really well. Why the shorties? G&G 470+ round mags are longer and since I plan to use this rifle as a DMR (occasionally) the short mags offers better comfort while laying prone. The "mod" (filing .25" of the raised section of the magazine) will not affect functionality on other rifle systems using the modded M4 style mag. Excellent!

The charging handle is aesthetically pleasing, in other words- "fly". Fire selector takes a bit of force to select but it's easy to get access to. The two stage trigger mech slides well and offers a good trigger pull that does not feel sticky. But being a 2 stage trigger, expect a longer trigger pull using full auto. Rails: Well it's obvious on the photos it only comes with one long top rail. It's metal and solidly placed on the body with two hex screws. Zero wobble while using my 3-8x45 scope. The front sight is detachable and the rear flip sight is built in. On the front end of the rails are ambidextrous sling loops that are made of steel. The hand grip is thick but comfortable.

I'm keeping a keen eye for a front rail system and or a grenade launcher to make it more pleasing to eye. The curved hand guard just makes this thing look like boat or some kind of ergonomic bath scrub. However it is very comfortable. Butt pad: Does the job really well if you follow the right way to get it off and on. See evike's vid on how it's done. It's the easiest way w/o damaging the rubber. Battery Space: Plentiful, I was able to fit 9.6v small nun-chuck style no problems. Li-Po's are the same.

Rear sling mounts: Okay this is probably the only thing that raises an eye brow. The slits are open and you can see the motor. Hmmm. Why? Instead of taking chances, I used non adhesive camo tape that covers the holes and wraps around the entire stock. A stock sling wide enough to wrap around the stock should also fix this issue. Trademarks: Mine came with them but it is painted on. Through time it will chip away. The photo on the box looks as if it's reversed embossed on the body. Not a big deal for me since on the stock has "6.00mm" stamped. Trades or not, it's still an airsoft rifle.

Variable FPS: Very easy to increase tension and or swap out the spring completely. I tested a m150 spring and your definitely going to want a 11.1 v lipo to pull that beast back. It shoots hard and still able to hold a good rate of fire. Just to be safe I kept the factory spring it came with.

Flash Hider Removal:
The blazing orange flash hider is made out of polymer and is set-screwed in to the barrel. Find the screw located at the bottom. On mine, the screw was so deep that it did not even stick out of the flash hider. The only thing that indicated something is there is some glue covering the set screw. I took a file and filed until a good portion off until the set screw is exposed. I then used a needle nose pliers to get it out. Next get a grip vice pliers and turn the flash hider clockwise. Since it's glued on to the threads it will take some force. But I was able to get if out with out damaging any cosmetics and the outer barrel. I suggest to leave it on if you plan "not" to use other flash hiders or mock suppressors. At least they could have used a FN2000 style flash hider but imo a mock suppressor shrouding a 509mm tbb is great for this rifle.

You will be amazed how tight the groupings you can get with the factory inner barrel. Very accurate to say the least. Just for kicks I dumped my 6.01mm 509mm tbb barrel from my M16 in to this rifle and covered it up with a 6" mock suppressor. (it's still shorter than my M16) Perfect for woodland engagements by not having a long barrel getting in the way. 150' using .25's you will hit your target with a decent force. Firing a burst does not spit out wild fliers. A testament to a solid build hop-up unit. Be warned it's not a standard M4-M16 hop-up system. This thing also shoots much quieter than my M4. Maybe the polymer body has a lot to do with it. But it's not loud shooting it. The target down range was making more noise with the bb's hitting it compared to the gearbox. The advantages are obvious for quieter shooting AEG's.

- M16-M4 Mags, shorty PMags fit and feed perfectly
- EXCELLENT build quality
- very accurate with stock inner barrel
- variable FPS
- roomy battery compartment
- quiet shooting AEG

- Stock to hand-grip measurement might be a little too long of a reach for some people
- Rear sling hoops expose the internals
- Right now, very few accessories available
- Bird cage polycarbonate flash hider that is extremely difficult to remove
- Trademarks are painted on with thin paint
- Some bolts are a little loose and needs to be tighten some. (do not over tighten)

Action report:
It toughed it out through a very muddy day of skirmishes. Using .25's & .20's the FN2000 performed well beyond my expectations. Coupled with my 3-8x45 scope, the range of this AEG is awesome! ZERO jams, misfires and other miscellaneous tech problems. Also no fatigue wielding it. Out of the all the AEG's I own this simply steals the show.

See it in action here. ---------_

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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