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G&G Limited Edition M4 Full Length Carbine FF RAS Combat Machine Airsoft AEG - Black (Package: Gun Only)
by Dana H. Date Added: February 24, 2011
To start off, WOW.

I ordered this, plus the holy cow magazine deal, and a 11.1v 12C lipoly battery (plus a matrix 190mm mock silencer xD). There was little to no trouble with the free shipping, and I knew exactly when it was going to be here thanks to the provided UPS tracking number.

When it got here, I was so excited. It looked and felt great coming out of the box. The gun is in a G&G black (cheap) plastic mold thingy with the cleaning/unjamming rod all in a cardboard sleeve with no markings (plus the typical random hole in the box).

THE GUN IS NOT FULL METAL. Everything is metal except for the main body (including the rails), the grip, and the crane stock. Something else, it's not that sexy grey that the picture displays. It's a typical black. The pody pins are WONDERFUL, and allow for suuuuuper easy stripping of the gun. The stock is very nice and makes for easy storage of a 1600mah battery. The rail is FULL METAL, FREE FLOATING, AND HAS NUMERICAL MARKINGS ON ALL AXISES!! IT IS SEXY!!!!! The barrel is one-piece, and the flash-hider provided is metal, and majority black with a little orange on the end. It's great. The front sight post and sling mount is metal. Unfortunately, evike stole the rear sight/carry handle that comes with the gun by default. So I recommend a rear flip up sight or a red dot or else adjusting the hop-up is useless.

To start, as I said before, the gun IS lipo ready. I use an 11.1v 12C 1600mah lipoly (nunchuck xD) and it fits and feeds wonderfully. BEWARE, I also made sure to buy the $4 matrix charging bag and the $30 lipoly smart charger. IT WILL SAVE YOUR HOUSE AND YOUR MONEY. Either way, I am not going to open my gearbox up xP but it's a G&G combat machine gearbox so it's a great start. According to evike, they've also added enough to bring the FPS up to about 400fps, but that's highly unlikely. I think by the looks of it it's only putting out the combat machine 327fps, but no complaints xD. The hop-up is okay, could be better. I suggest getting a metal body and a better hopup (i have great experience with the madbull ultimate). The inner barrel is not tight-bore, but it's super easy to install one since the pins are easy to remove without tools (you only need to take out the front one, which snaps at the end to avoid losing it, to remove the upper receiver). There is no functioning bold catch, so adjusting the hop-up requires holding back the charging handle. The charging handle only goes half way back, but there is a small bar on the underside of the charging handle that can be sanded down to allow a full pull back and an easy slide between the lower and upper receivers while stripping.

The body has a G&G emblem and a couple basic airsoft stickers. The appearance is typical matte black (gun black). The body is easy to scratch (being plastic) and the stock has minimal wobble. The nut holding the lever for adjusting the stock needs to be tightened, but overall, there are no problems.

The magazine that comes with the gun is a real-steel length 450rd hi-cap (metal) but has no key, so it takes some time to wind xP The fire selector has safe, semi, and auto, and it snaps into each position beautifully.

Metal where it matters
Great crane stock
Li-Poly capable (shweet ROF)
Metal Rails with rail markings
Great weight
(mostly black) metal flash-hider
sick battle grip
nice price
easy to field strip

not really 400fps (pro or con, i play in woods, so CON)
AND didnt include a rear sight to help with adjusting hop-up
not the sexy matte grey color :(
rails on top of receiver are plastic
body scratches easy
poor hop-up

Overall, this gun is amazing, and for $210 dollars?? what steal!!! I recommend this for medium-advanced players. Lube her, and she'll perform every game. Sounds great too xD

The charging handle and not grey color is what makes it 4 stars, and not 5, by the way xD

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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