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z Matrix Challenge Kit - AIM Sportsline M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG + Metal Body - Black (For Experienced Players)
by Kevin D. Date Added: November 17, 2010
AIM Top must have changed their boxes, because the one mine was boxed in was higher quality and had a full graphical design on it rather than the old plain brown cardboard box with a sticker. The M4 was in the box tied back and the mag was wrapped heavily in foam. Also comes with a nicely translated manual. NOTE: The description says it does not come with a cleaning / unjamming rod. So, I buy the flexible cleaning rod from the website for about 5 bucks, and low and behold, I open the box and find a cleaning / unjamming rod.

Even though the plastic body is meant to be swapped out, it is still made of high quality nylon and is smooth and durable. However, the metal body's feel and texture is quite impressive with nice trademarks. Both bodies have an optics rail at the top. The charging handle and rear sight is plastic and is adjustable for windage & elevation. The front sight is adjustable for elevation. The included magazine feeds flawlessly; however, it has quite a snug fit and will not drop out when holding the mag release; you must pull it out. Functional charging handle and dust cover. Forward assist and loose bolt catch have no function, although you can push in the forward assist for realism. Two piece outer barrel with negative 14mm threading and a METAL orange flash hider. Nylon handguard and stock have barely noticeable wobble. However, the real story is in the internals.

The Matrix M4s are all manufactured by AIM Top, a new and surprisingly high quality manufacturer based in Taiwan. The sportsline version carries the same high quality gearbox found in the $240 version, with the exception of a few minor parts. I recommend no upgrades other than maybe a steel ball bearing spring guide and enhance spring life a bit. With an approximately 75% charged Intellect / G&P 9.6v 1600 mAh battery, it has an excellent rate of fire, with the $240 version (around 18-22 RPS), shooting only about 2-4 RPS more. Outclasses all of my friends' Chinese clone guns. The tightbore is indeed, a tightbore. I get about 2 inch groupings at 50 feet. It can easily hit a target at 150 feet and maybe up to 200 feet, although the hopup is just a standard plastic hopup. FPS is actually quite high for an M100, due to a good air seal. However, I have heard this sportsline version does not have an air nozzle with an o-ring and the polycarb cylinder head only has 1 o-ring. Those could be considerable upgrades for an even better air seal. However, shimming is "meh", and you may want to re-shim it, similar to most Chinese clones.


-High RoF
-Great air seal
-INCLUDED 6.04mm tightbore
-Reinforced gears
-Amazing piston
Metal body, even though free, is of impressive quality.
Metal flash hider included instead of cheap plastic flash hider.
Functioning charging handle and dust cover.

Included mag does not drop out (Could be a pro for some)
A few loose parts: Handguard, stock, and oddly enough, the bolt catch.
Pretty much a barebones M4.
On the plastic body, the dust cover cannot close (for me)
OK plastic hopup.
So-so shimming.

Outclasses any clone, any day, and can be on par with more renowned manufacturers such as G&G, Classic Army, and Tokyo Marui, for a much cheaper price. Without the metal body, it would have my recommendation. With it, it is simply a must-have. Excellent buy. Get it before they stop giving away FREE metal bodies!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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