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IMI Licensed Desert Eagle Full metal 1:1 scale / fully automatic CO2 Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback by KWC
by Andrew P. Date Added: August 11, 2013
Probably the most common conversation I have with a fellow airsofting stranger on the field starts off with "Where did you get that Desert Eagle!?" The reason being is that it has an extreme and dominating field presence. it makes a rather noisy clack when firing, so much so that my ears wind up ringing when I'm finished using this pig. The suppressive capabilities you gain with this thing are unmatched. It is one of the most accurate airsoft pistols I've ever encountered, and it is THE most powerful, putting out recoil superior to that of a .22LR auto pistol. In full auto, this beast is one nasty one to try to control, so I generally stick to semi auto. It also conserves ammo.


Most reliable pistol I've ever used
Select fire, semi and full auto, because they can
Beastly kick
Deadly accuracy
Lots of power (too much FPS in the summer for CQB)
When the weather is hot, you can get easily 2.5 magazines out of a CO2, in cooler weather, closer to 1.5
Decent trades on the left
High impact ABS frame, not breaking anytime soon
Metal components add necessary weight for realistic feel and high recoil


Pot metal, much more potential for cracking if dropped than with CNC steel or aluminum, also makes a nasty click when racking the slide forward, but sounds alright when firing
Paint just scratches, doesn't wear down, but you'll hardly notice if you just USE it
Block of lettering on the right side of the slide, unrealistic, ugly

This is by far my very favorite pistol, and almost my favorite gun in general. I wouldn't trade it for anything. The performance of this gun and raw feel of it definitely make up for some of the inadequacies in external quality. However, I wouldn't be too worried if it fell out of a holster onto grass or a root, but concrete, especially at a standing height, could be detrimental to the structural integrity. there really shouldn't be any reason you shouldn't get it, though. Besides the fact that it isn't gas efficient in winter, and isn't CQB ready in summer, means that you just need to make this your field gun for summer games. Performance-wise it's geared towards that anyway.

IMPORTANT: The manual and most online disassembly videos do not explain this! If you remove the slide, and the hammer doesn't work properly, there's a simple end-all fix that handles most reliability issues. It is a tiny allen key port on the underside of the slide that when extended catches on a lever that primes the hammer when the slide comes forward. For some reason, this sort of retracts when the slide is removed, so you need to screw it back out a bit, but not too much or the slide won't go back on. There's a very fine point where it needs to be. Lock the slide back and you can adjust this when fully assembled very quickly and easily, as well.

I 100% recommend this pistol!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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