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z Matrix AIM Lipoly Ready 8mm Gearbox M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG - Black
by Chris S. Date Added: September 17, 2010
I recieved gun after waiting almost 3 months from pre order..

The good...
Cheap, I got mine for the pre order 100$ price tag this is great for any airsoft player. comes with good barrel, and good gearbox internals, very good value here best ive ever seen in airsoft aeg purchase!

the bad...

gun has very slow rate of fire, the gears in it must be super torque up gear very whiny and slow cycle even with high output batteries (9.6v 3300mah elite) still is surprisinglly slow, the outr barrel and handguard has side to side wobble when handling using foregrip, the barrel nut may need to be tightened but I do not have a RIS wrench to try to tighten it myself,

When I recieved the gun the motor grip adustment screw was backed out to the point if I shot the gun I probly could have easily damaged the gears but I noticed this immediately and set it just right not too tight or loose, Upon further inspection, I removed motor cover and saw the wires were bunch up pushing the motor out of allignment causing a "whiny" noise when firing.. When I remove the motor to inspect it, it is an olive green color casing and red plastic end cap, blank with no writing indicating its type of motor, and also its performance is very sluggish when firing SO IM ASSUMING THIS IS A CHEAP CHINA CLONE STYLE (THROW AWAY) motor,

Ok so I reasemble the gun placing the motor grip wire properly and also adjustment motor height properly, shoot the gun and chrono it 330-340-350 range incosistent, so i realise the hop up needs lube so I lube it with silicon oil, now the gun shoots a more proper 360-375 range. The guns rate of fire is still super slow so IM ALSO GOING TO ASSUME THE GUN COMES WITH A TORQUE UP GEAR SET instead of the advertised RPM high speed gearset...

A few notes of misplaced advertisement, no harm done just a bit dissapointing thats all.

You get what you pay for (in this case a good deal), this gun is great, but needs a little work when you get it to make sure it doesnt crap out on ya in a game. Basically quality control could have went a long way with this one and also, make sure the gun has what it claims to have, the motor in this gun pllain sucks, and the gears are turtle slow.....

It still gets 4 stars in my book and I dont regret purchasing it one bit since the price was GREAT.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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