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WE-Tech Full Metal 1911 Desert Warrior Socom 4.3 Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol - Tan (Package: Gun Only)
by Scuba S. Date Added: September 9, 2013
Real Steel Comparison:  Kimber Pro CDP II 4" and WE DW 4.3

Kimber (fully loaded, no rail): 2lbs 4oz
WE DW (fully loaded, with rail): 2lbs 4oz
*Numbers rounded to the nearest .5 ounce on a postage scale*
*Lightweight laser grips installed on both*

Almost exact copy of a Kimber
Accurate 4.3
Nice kick, FPS
So far no misfires or magleaks

Weak paint
Front sight tan and not removable (just paint it)
Nothing else

There's lots of great reviews already for the DW so I won't go into FPS or accuracy again, but it's GREAT for a barrel of this length. So far, no mag leaks either. Just a real steel comparison:

I'm even more impressed than I expected with this. Next to a real steel Kimber, the WE Desert Warrior looks exactly identical in shape/size. So close that it makes me think the mold for the DW was made from an actual 4" Kimber. Surprisingly, they also weigh almost exactly the same.

It's a pretty solid GBB overall...once you fix the wobbly rail by removing it and putting a piece of card stock between it and the gun. The slightly wobbly slide is not so bad because that means a lot more tolerance for dust/dirt and less prone to jams or malfunctions. You don't need tight slides to shoot plastic BB's accurately, and many will argue the same for real bullets. (But not Kimber - extremely tight tolerances on the real steel) 

The paint does scratch easily, but a light coat of silicon oil helps. Same as gun oil on real steel. Also, if the slide scratches, I have an excuse to paint it black and make a custom two-tone...

If you think this is heavy, it's because it's the same weight as the real gun loaded with full clip of .45 ACP! This says tons about the great feel of the DW in your hand - its just like holding a real steel Kimber, and this is actually very light for a 1911. Kimbers are built to keep the weight down, complete with aluminum frames and slides. Something to keep in mind while carrying this. It's great for training if you plan on owning a Kimber or already do, and ammo is a lot cheaper.

Most real steel 1911 grips fit, along with any made for the TM 1911's! 

Full-size and 4.3 use the same sized grips. The standard hardwood grips from the Kimber fit, with some effort, but the main thing is that they fit without modification. This opens up a world of options, not to mention custom stuff. I also managed to fit the airsoft Hurricane Laser Grips, but had to add pieces of card stock (cigarette box) and duct tape as shims around the inside of the pressure switch. Otherwise, the pressure switch stayed activated. But after that, it works perfectly every time. 

This is so close of a replica, I'm pretty sure other real steel parts would fit too, like the Wilson Combat mag-wells. I havent seen any airsoft single-stack mag-wells, but the real steel is only about $35. I haven't tried it, but it hooks over the bottom grip screw, which is in the same place on the real steel. Of course, never put airsoft parts on real steel, but the other way around is usually fine for external parts..

So for any Kimber owners, or non-Kimber owners, who want a nice Kimber replica to mess with, this is it. Oh yea, and it outperforms any GBB of this size that I've ever owned since like, the '90's when metal slides were hard to get. I can't actually say I've owned many, though...but I assume it does fine at stuff like CQB or backup for a sniper. You just can't miss with this gun, for the price. And if you own a Kimber, or want one, just buy this too already. You won't be disappointed!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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