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Matrix Pro-Line Lipo Ready 8mm Gearbox Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG (330 FPS / 23 RPS!)
$280.00 $175.00
by David l. Date Added: November 3, 2010
First impression: Wow, this thing looks awesome right out of the box. Gun is well put together, no crazy seams or sloppy assembly marks on the exterior of the gun. The one gripe I have with its outward appearance was the collapsible stock, looks/feels slightly cheesier than the rest of the guns plastics. Was an easy fix, just swapped it out for a different stock. Internally the gun looks solid, basically exactly as advertised. It's easy to disassemble, reassemble, and maintain.

With a 9.6v butterfly battery this guns ROF was absurd. I don't have specific numbers but it out shoots anything I've used to date. I mean its ridiculous how quickly you can empty a hi cap mag with this gun. Li-Poly would be overkill for anything but the most serious speed ball type games or something. It empties a 30rd no wind basically instantly.

One issue I did run into was the interior of the mag well. There is some pretty good seaming of the metal inside that effected the ease (or lack there of) of equipping or removing the magazine. I cleaned it up with an exacto knife and a small file and now it accepts any magazine, polymer or metal that I've tried to use.

Handle removes easy to add optics or other sights. Be aware, if you plan on removing the carry handle and want to add optics you WILL have the front sight post co-witness the sight picture of the scope/red dot etc. If you don't mind it than it's what ever.

I'd recommend buying a different 'flash hider' from evike for this gun when you order it, the original is uuuugly, bright orange and will make you stick out like a sore thumb in wooded terrain.

ROF is insane
Looks like a real M4, hard to tell the difference side x side
price price PRICE!
accuracy is spot on when sighted in.
shoots at a good FPS

Cheap feeling stock
mag well needed cleaning up
stock flash hider stinks

Absolutely would recommend this gun to others, with out a doubt.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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