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Echo1 Red Star AKM Full Metal AK74 Airsoft AEG (Real Wood)
by Bob E. Date Added: February 10, 2010
My dad used a different account to buy the gun so.

Alright. After about a week of waiting the gun finaly arrived. I quickly ripped off the brown paper and opended the box. The first thing I noticed is that the battery was not in its battery "slot" it was simply placed on top on some of the foam. Annnyywayy... It comes with a charger 8.4v small type battery with a large connector, a 600 round hi-cap, and some warranty papers. oh also comes with a gun....for some strange reason.

I lifted the gun out of the box was alot lighter then I expected, I thought it was gonna be like twice its actual weight. That said, the gun is heavy and if you are a small person it migt be a bit too heavy for you.

The first thing that i dont like about this gun is that it comes with a large type connector in the stock. The only problem is that the stock is too small to fit a large type battery in i dont fully understand why it comes with a large connector, and i forgot to order a large-to-small connector thing, so I was not able to use my other battery with it.....yet. So i began to charge the battery it comes with and then i soon figured out that it will take a bit longer then 5 hours to charge with the charger included. So at around 9:30 the battery was charged...but it was too dark so i had to wait untill tomarrow.

one school day later....

I got home and put some matrix .25g bbs into the hicap, put the battery in the stock (you have to unscrew some screws in the stock which can be kinda a pain) and walked outside. I set up a target at 200 feet. (the target was 2 peices of notebook paper taped together) I took about 10 shots on semi and hit it 8/10 times. Note: this gun was not upgraded and a tightbore was not added.
I was amazed. My friend's sniper rifle is about that accurate. So, i set up another target at 250 feet and put the gun on full auto. Alot of people complain that the rof with the stock battery is terrible, bit I like it. True, its not like 90 million rounds per second but it gets the job done and is about the same as a real AK. Im guesing i unloaded a good 30 rounds before i regained controll of myself and let go of the trigger. I walked down-range and looked at the target. About 1/2 of the bbs hit the target, i was still amazed. But, sadly enough i could not fire it any farther away because I dont have enough land. So. the accuracy is amazing.

So. here is my conclusion.

-accurate up to 250 feet+
-real wood
-alright quality metal
-slighty upgraded internals from the cyma counterpart.
-its looks amazing.

-TONS of wobble in the upper handguard
-Dust cover clanks around sometimes
-selector swich comes loose alot and it cant be tightened with a screwdriver. you have to use your hands
-the mag can be a pain to get in sometimes.
-large type connector?
-have to unscrew the butt-plate to get to the battery
-the barrel apears to be bent just barely. but its easy to ajust to.
-ah yes. the biggest con. It fires at 450 freakin' fps. So im going to need to downgrade it to use it at my local airsoft site.

If you read all of that you deserve an awesome this one

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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