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Madbull Airsoft Ultimate Hopup Unit for M4/M16 Series Airsoft AEG
by Michael H. Date Added: January 2, 2010
Recently I have fallen in love with Madbull and their accessories. My Classic Army M15 A4 Blowback was in need of a better hop up and decided to take the plung and buy it. I'm going to through the pros and cons then go into more depth.
1. Free Madbull 60 Degree Hop Up Bucking (Increase FPS).
2. Adjustment wheel stays solid and won't move when shooting.
3. Full Metal.
4. Comes with detailed instructions.
5. Flawless feeding.
6. Easier magazine fit.
1. Adjustment wheel is hard to adjust.
2. Takes awhile to assemble the hop up chamber.
3. If you shake the gun bb's fall out.
4. Not all bb's are saved when taking out the magazine.

1. The hop up bucking is a very good material just by feel. My gun shot 400 with .2's and standard inner barrel. I recently put in the 6.03 Madbull python II barrel and this hop up as well. The gun is now push 440.
2. My gun has blowback and because of that the normal M4 adjustment knobs move when I shoot for extended periods of time. I would have to take cover and adjust it every once in awhile. No need for that now!
3. Because the hop up is full metal it will work with a full metal outer body.
4. When I saw all the parts in the plastic bag I was overwhelmed, luckily they have text and pictures (THANK YOU)
5. With the added benefit of holding those spare bb's in the chamber I was worried about feeding. When I fired my gun though my fears flew away along with how fast my gun was shooting.
6. It may just be me but I my magazines fit easier and faster into my gun.
1.The wheel is hard to adjust but because it stays sturdy once you correctly "zero" it in there is no need to touch it again.
2. I am pretty familiar with M4/M16 hop ups and assembling this was like brain surgery. *To assemble this make sure you have silicon!* The silicon makes the spacer stick to the "stick" that puts the backspin on the bb. (Sorry do not know the correct term for it)
3. This most likely is not a con but thought I would mention. Unless you jump around when you change magazines this should not affect you at all. If they did not fall out there would most likely be a feeding problem.
4. Considering this device saves around 3 bb's I should not complain but thought I would mention it.

The pros obviously outweigh the cons with this. The cons hardly even matter in this case but thought I would mention them. All in all I am pleased that I bought this gem, not only did I get what I wanted but more entirely.

Hopefully this has helped you to make a valid decision on this miraculous item.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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