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Socom Gear WE Full Metal 1911 Special Unit (Tactical Black) Airsoft Gas Blowback w/ Lanyard.
by Cynthia M. Date Added: March 21, 2011
Okay so generally, this is a good gun. exquisite build quality(at least mostly), and i have no idea what the guy under me is talking about. the slide is VERY sturdy and doesn't wobble around at all. The pistol has great range, and the FPS is good. However is is highly recommended to use .25 gram bbs at a minimum as this thing will throw .2's everywhere. I have very few problems with this gun, however, i do know of 3. the first and most important con is that the magazine release is not very well secured and needs to be tightened frequently, as in every 5 or so mag changes. this is easy though as all you have to do is spin a small screw to the right once. The second con is that the magazine is not built for speed reloads, and if you slam it home too many times(don't worry, this does take quite a while and a great many reloads to actually break, though it does begin to wear down pretty fast), part of the bottom WILL break off and it wont be able to hold BB's anymore. The third and least important con is that after a little while(about a week) the slide ceases lock back anymore and you have to manually cock the slide every time you reload instead of simply pressing the slide release. Its gas consumption is average, on a 3 second charge of propane, itl do about 1.5 magazines of 15 each. Also, in regard to the retention lanyard that comes with it, it is quite hard to get it through the lanyard hook. however it is perfectly possible and once done the pistol is very unlikely to be lost as the lanyard is of good quality. It also ships in a very nice box with decent foam that is unlikely to be damaged by travel. The best advantage of this gun however would definitely have to be the look, it is just awesome, and considering you get a pretty good pistol along with those looks, i would definitely say this package is worth it.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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