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Thunder B Co2 Airsoft Paintball Simulation Sound Grenade (12 Shell Set / Sound Flash)
by Trey M. Date Added: April 3, 2010
These've gotta be the best grenades anywhere. They're crazy loud, easy to reload, totally reusable (besides the shell and cartridge, of course), and awesome to look at. And the best part? CHEAP!
Just saying, you could buy three cores and 36 shells, or one measly Tornado.

And, the pin-pulling action floors everyone within visual range when they see it! No burning my fingers with incediary pea grenades!

Okay, enough excaimation points, time for some bad news.

-The spoon is made of cheap metal (still metal, though!) and can easily bend if you throw it at a wall or other hard surface.
-The core is so much heavier than the shell, that throwing them can be awkward because of the weight unbalance.
-Sometimes the hammer does not full pierce the cartridge, and you look like an idiot holding an "armed" grenade.

Also, for a while these puppies were completely out of stock! Almost every site that Hakkotsu lists on their website had them out of stock. Many sites, even Evike, took them off of their site completely!

But anyway, these grenades are sweet, and it's easy to run through all 12 if you're careful.

PS, don't put stuff in the shell! It makes the "BOOM" into a "poof"

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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