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WE-Tech High Power Elite M9 PTP Airsoft GBB Pistol - Chrome / Wood
by Jett T. Date Added: June 20, 2013

-Good looking
-Wood grips
-M9 sights are good sights
-I think It's accurate, my groupings are decent at 25 feet but
I'm pretty sure that's because I don't know how to shoot a
gun with the amount of recoil this one has.
-Heavy recoil for an airsoft gun
-Looks durable, I've had it only for a couple of days
-Good on gas
-Good mag capacity
-Cocking back feels pretty good
-A really good pro is that the trigger is extremely easy to pull, and It's
a very short pull, so you can shoot this gun fast.


-Hop up is a pain to get to.
I truly mean this, It's poorly designed
and be careful when you're getting to it
because there's a little spring holding
one piece, and It's a pain to get back on.

-Recoil makes it a little bit difficult to shoot precisely
for a novice shooter. (Or the gun might be inaccurate,
I haven't figured that one out yet. I'm pretty sure It's
the epic recoil spring, I've never shot a real gun or an
airsoft gun with this much recoil.

-This is odd, but the front barrel gun sights are sort of slanted.
They aren't leaning to the right or left, but the top of it was cut unevenly.
Doesn't effect my aim at all, It's just odd..

-The biggest flaw is that the barrel threads are useless. I don't know how
WE missed this, but when screwing a silencer on it unscrews the barrel threads (The barrel thread is an orange adapter screwed in to internal threads). So the silencer is impossible to attach, because when you do attach it it will unscrew the barrel thread. Then, you have either a lose silencer or barrel thread.. An Evike representative suggested I super glue it, but I don't know if the glue would hold and if it did there goes my orange tip, it would be awkward to paint the barrel but I suppose it's manageable for a good painter. Also, the paint on the barrel adapter scratches off really easily, and I can't go running around California with orange paint partially scratched off the tip of my barrel adapter.

-The engravings on the gun's slide had some grime on them when the gun arrived, I haven't tried
cleaning it yet.

Overall I really like this gun, It's plain awesome, the silencer was a real disappointment as it
looks great on the gun but I can't use it without glue, also the hop-up is a real pain, and that's
why I give this a 4/5.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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