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G&P M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Navy SEAL Skull Frog Receiver - (Package: Gun Only)
by Kyle H. Date Added: September 16, 2011
INSANE internals. Thats what i have to say. This stock will pull an m130 with around 20 BB's per second. I never chronod the stock FPS. What i can say is that if you buy a 9.6v DONT. You will be putting about 27bb's per second with a 9.6v. An 8.4v will do just fine since the motor is AWESOME.

I put an m130, with the G&P m160 motor, and a tight bore barrel in this. I have not realy been able to shoot it becuase my motor wire broke due to me putting it wrong. ( The RED motor wire is too long. So be careful if puttin a new motor in or when taking it out) The gears in this gun are some of the best i have ever seen along with the compression. You will get the best stock piston in a gun that you can find.

GREAT Rate of Fire (don't need a 9.6v for the amazing rpm)

Best internals of a stock gun. (A lot of people upgrade there parts to some G&P internals because there so great)

Accurate right out of the box. Didn't get to shoot much, but what I did it was great grouping.

I'm assuming excellent FPS because of the compression. It looked like it shot extremely fast too.


The metal finish looks like plastic. You can tell the difference from black and this. It almost looks like a gray.( The metal is EXTREMELY sturdy though.)

Not really a con but i wish the charging handle opened the dust cover

PAIN IN THE A$$ to put a RIS on. The delta ring is soo hard to pull back. lol

BEST GUN YOU CAN BUY! There is no gun better stock besides PTW's. Nobody really knows that G&P gearbox's are better then G&G's. G&G has a better external finish, which makes them cost more.

I will let you know what my gun shoots with my m130, super core piston, G&P explosive piston head, and G&P m160 motor when i chrono it.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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