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z G&P Limited Edition Sentry 10.5" Shorty M4 Airsoft AEG (Magpul/Black)
by Michael R. Date Added: November 15, 2010
The basic review; its a great gun with only minor problems.

The longer review; I've had this gun for about 4 months now and used it in a couple dozen games and fired thousands of round through it. I'll start with performance then talk about externals and internals.

-Shoots 340 fps w/ .20s
-Range is about 125ft
-At 125 ft you'll have no problems shooting specific parts of a person
-At 150 ft you'll have no problems shooting a torso sized target
-RoF is insane, on a 9.6v 2300 MaH battery I was getting 24 rps

-Beautiful externals as with every G&P I've owned and seen
-Comes with a glued on flash hider that comes off with a good grip and pliers
-Barrel is incredibly solid and the VLTOR flash hider looks great
-RAS VLTOR sight looks great and easy to adjust of elevation, does not snap into place though and a bump will cause it to fold up or down. When its down, the rail is the same height as the RAS handguard
-Mock 7' Daniel Defense rail system that looks great and with the slim rubber rail covers that come with the gun feels very comfortable.
-Stubby vertical grip is too short to grab with a full hand, but with 3 finger on the grip and your index along the rail is a very comfortable position for shooting
-G&P Magpul lower receiver matched with the VLTOR upper looks amazing and very unique, lots of people want to buy that part alone.
-The bolt cover looks great, but does not snap closed like you get on other guns and you have to press the charging handle forward to get it to close over the hop-up unit which sometimes causes the dial to move adjusting the hop-up
-Molded trigger guard looks great and very comfortable with or without gloves
-Pistol grip is incredibly comfortable, however the motor height adjustment screw does not stay and will need to be adjusted often or you will strip the pinion gear, thread lock will fix this
-Rear sight is very nice and can be adjusted for windage and has day and night settings, unlike the front sight this snaps into place and youíll need to press the side button to flip it down again
-Does not scratch easily, but if you open the gun a lot then expect to see some
-QD sling attachment point is a very nice touch and is very easy to switch hands with the sling attached
-VLTOR stock looks great and is incredibly solid with no wiggle, but if you want to install a normal crane stock battery, you will need to modify the stock by cutting the plastic on the back of the stock to allow the wires to fit

-8mm Gearbox runs amazing on a 9.6v and would run just as well on an 8.4v
-Hop-up is ok, replace the bucking with a systema to get better control
Upon opening the GB
-Gears have shown absolutely no sign of wear and no metal shavings have been found
-Piston is the G&P white piston with the G&P explosive piston head and forms a very tight seal in the cylinder, very little signs of wear on the 2nd tooth
-M120 motor spits out an amazing RoF, but since it's a high-speed motor the trigger response is a little slower and if youíre in a longer firefight it will get pretty hot
-Has Deans wiring so make sure you have the right connectors

Overall this gun has been great for CQB, but due to the range, I donít plan to take it outdoors. The performance you get from the gun means you have a great set-up for most CQB arena. The externals looks amazing and are very comfortable for prolonged use. The internals have run great and show little to no signs of causing problems. If you want something that looks unique thatíll run very nice out of the box this gun would be a great choice.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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