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WG High Power Full Metal 1911 Compact Airsoft Co2 Powered Gas Pistol - Black / Black Grip
by Leang H. Date Added: August 22, 2010
Got this gun last week and have shot around 12 mag fulls.

First impressions: the pistol has a great heft and seems to be extremely durable. The only plastic I can see is on the grip plate, which has a crisp texture. Pressing the mag eject button slides open the grip plate to reveal the CO2 slot on one side and the BB loading slot on the other. Safety is located near the trigger on the right side and can be conveniently accessed by right handed shooters.

- Insane FPS and good accuracy with heavier BBs. 450+ on a pistol! Initial test was done with .20 gram BBs at 25 feet. 2" groupings were no problem. Moved to 50 feet and tested .20, .23, and .25 gram BBs. The lighter .20 gram BBs started to drift a bit, but the .23 gram and .25 gram BBs were still grouping beautifully. To show you an example of 1911's crazy firepower, I had one errant .25 gram BB that spun to the right and ricochet'd off my target's frame. When I examined the spot, there was a nice BB sized hole that spider webbed out. I opened the frame to see how bad the damage was. Apparently, the BB broke through the first plastic outer layer, cracked the inner plastic layer, and rebounded back out of the original hole. At 50 feet away. The target was pretty shoddy plastic to begin with, but it was an impressive display of force.
- Full metal construction aside from the grip plate. The weight of the gun imparts a feeling of reliability and durability.
- Extremely efficient gas. I didn't keep track, but the first CO2 cartridge easily surpassed the 100 shot mark.

- Full metal construction is kept simple and comes at a cost. There are no functioning external parts aside from the mag eject button and safety. No moving slide, no working hammer, nothing. Just 2 metal halves held together by screws. I actually consider this a plus since it means virtually no maintenance and worries. But should something happen, I can imagine getting to the innards to fix the problem would be pretty difficult. There's no access to the workings of the gun without unscrewing it completely.
- 12 rds. Since refilling it is not something you can do quickly, the low rd count can be a big issue if you're planning on using it in a skirmish (at 450 fps, I hope your enemies are wearing protection).
- Pulling the trigger past a certain point and then releasing it can cause a BB to stick. It's only happened to me once, and I was able clear the barrel with a shake, causing the BB to roll out the front tip. Once you start seriously pulling the trigger, you'll have to stay the course and fire.
- The plastic slide grip. The one true fault I have about this gun. You could say it gets the job done. It's textured and blends in nicely with the rest of the gun. Slides open quite quickly on button press. But with the gun's full metal construction, the fact that this piece is made of lightweight plastic stands out. And if you press it in a certain way, it has a slight wiggle. Definitely not a deal breaker though. Once you have the 1911 in hand, you won't notice the plastic.

Closing notes:
If there were an aftermarket metal grip plate, I would buy it in a heartbeat as it would make this pistol perfect (if authenticity is not an issue of course). The ridiculous FPS coupled with heavier weight BBs results in very good accuracy. Completely metal construction comes at the cost of a non functioning exterior, but also gives it rock hard durability and good heft. If someone were looking for a full metal gas powered pistol with intimidating firepower and no maintenance, this is definitely an ideal gun. At this price point, you'd be hard-pressed to find any pistol with the same qualities that Win Gun's 1911 does so well.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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