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Snow Wolf M82 M99 LRSA Bolt Action Airsoft Long Range Sniper Rifle - Black (Package: Rifle & Bipod Only)
by J. H. Date Added: February 9, 2010
The Snow Wolf/M99

-the Snow Wolf is an amazing Sniper platform if used correctly. the weight of this gun will limit everyone but only the boldest of snipers.

-the FPS on the Snow Wolf is good. shooting 450+

-the hop-up i had some issues with. after about 4 shots it would slide and i would have to re-adjust it.
(this is easily fixed)

-this is one of the few sniper platforms where i have actually used the bi-pod. it is very sturdy and will take a lot of punishment.

-the spring ejecting mag. is very nice. people have been complaining about mis-feeds and you can fix the problem by cutting the spring down. (as mentioned in many reviews before this one)

- accuracy is great for my style of sniping. though i never find myself shooting more than 25- 30 yards in a game i can successfully group 6 of 10 BBs within a 12" area at roughly 60 yards with no wind. (and no, i am not a "National Level Competition Shooter") i just take the time and fine tune my equipment. "Don't expect similar results." ....?what? (maybe if you were addressing a 12 year-old)

-some say that is comes stock with a tight-bore. if it does it is not going to be the best quality
(they are trying to sell you a gun not a tight-bore barrel.)

-as far as BB weight i am using .36s (yes, you heard right 36s so stop drooling) between the hop unit and the large spring it is easily done.

-another issue i had on top of mis-feeds (before i went to high polished .36s) was that the .20s, and .25s were breaking in the barrel and were a mess to clean. i would suggest .28s and up.
(i have not had any mis-fed BBs after switching to .36s *i have not cut the spring in the mag*)

-The Snow Wolf is not quiet at all. no its not a plus but common people its a Barrett!
(if you want something quiet buy the UTG MK96.)

-take-down of the Snow Wolf is very easy. if you want a project gun this is for you. because of the simple design it will be very easy to upgrade.

-Weight... people its a Barrett. it IS going to be heavy. expect your mobility to decrees a bit.

-The Carrying handle i do not trust. i have used it to carry it around but never in a game or while i am running. it just does not seem strong enough to support the weight of the Snow Wolf.

-FPS/Hop unit
-Intimidation Factor*
-Easy take-down
-Bad ass


Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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