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Matrix Integrated LED Flashlight and Laser Vertical Aiming Module
by Corbin L. Date Added: November 6, 2010
The light on this is AWESOME! It will disorient anything on the other end of it.

1. Strobe function- With some strobe enabled lights, it's more of just a rapid 'on-off' operation. This is a true strobe. It has an insanely fast cycle speed and is very bright. I use this indoors and it is very debilitating. The best thing I found is that it looks like a solid light from behind it. You'll be able to see the target very clearly (even though they can't see you.

2. Pressure switch- When used with the strobe, your combat effectiveness goes through the roof. I found using it in short bursts coming around the corner is very effective. It also saves on battery

3. Brightness- This will light up a room! Not much more I can say there

4. Foregrip- The integrated foregrip saves on rail space


1. Cheaply made- My lens was shot out first round. I constructed a jury rig to fix it, but if it's marketed as an airsoft accessory, that's a no-go. Also, the piece that grabs the rail is plastic. Mine wore out very quickly. I'm in the process of getting a metal piece machined for it. But for now it's taped on my weapon

2. Battery- the batteries for this are very expensive. You'll be dropping close to $20 on a battery change. if you constantly use the strobe, your batteries will last hours longer than using the straight light.

3. Bulky- It it a very beefy piece. Not made for people with small hands or that are not very dexterous.

4. Laser- worthless. Just take it off. you can't sight it in worth anything

Final verdict-

I am overall happy with the piece as a product. I wish it was better made, but I guess that's what you get for a knockoff of a $300 piece

Evike Staff: Unfortunately, Airsoft scope and flashlights are no differ from real steel, they do shatter when hit by the type of guns. (Airsoft or real guns). We recommend getting a lens protector for them

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]
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