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(AIRSOFTCON EPIC DEAL) Full Metal Universal M203 Airsoft 40mm Grenade Launcher Kit - Long
by Joe K. Date Added: April 3, 2010
I got this gun in about 6 days, not bad since this is shipping from like california to florida :) When I opened it up it was nice! metal body, disguting ornage tip which basiclly is like saying "here i am!" in a airsoft skrimish war. but anyways i got it came with a 48rnd grenade and gas. i attached it to my jg m4 s but the problem was that the launcher made the gun so heavy,fat, and bulky, i couldnt use the trigger guard, and the clamp that supposed to support it didnt fit since my jg m4 has such a high rise. still fine but be warned!!! if you leave it on to long without supporting your JG M4-S it can break the screws that hold the bottom of the hand gaurd together ONLY for this model gun. Still one thing i wasn't crazy about was that it was kinda shaky and made a tad of noise but this launcher will clear a room! Problem with the shakiness of it is that it seems if you wiggle it enough it will crack off but if your worried you can but a better supported barrel for the launcher. (NOTE: I would not use this for small battles, their has to be at least 3on 3 for this to be affecttive. It is very heavy like the real thing, and I would shoot all the grenades and unscrew the launcher from the gun seeing that it comes off in like 7 seconds. It's also very good for intimidation and like I said will clear a room instantly! Plus it leaves a poof of weird smoke gas and little spirals where the bb's went. It has a somewhat large spread good for taking down multiple enemies in a group at once.)

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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