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G&G Blowback GR16 Combat Machine Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black (Package: Rifle)
by mike d. Date Added: October 8, 2009
GREAT gun.. TOP quality for most of the body fabrication.. the only part that lacks in any way is the stock.. there is definate wobble on the tube .. however wrapping with electrical tape everything but the bottom side will eliminate most wobble.. also the magazine, along with any other mag seems to have some wobble forward and backwards.. however wrapping your magazine with electrical tape will also eliminate your wobble.. other than that the gun is SOLID.. BESTTTT handguards ive ever felt.. vvery easy to open up for battery access also.. just, make sure you put it on the ground and push downward on the ring.. if you try to access the battery compartment with the gun at chest level you will find it more difficult..

blowback feature is GREAT.. since its pneumatic theres no cheezy electrical sound as the bolt moves.. its moved by air, yet does not decrease FPS of gun .. however this gun was not built for a strong FPS, rather its meant for high rate of fire and medium intermediate engagements.. you would need to throw in a stronger spring to bring up the fps.. but i am perfectly fine with its stock performance.. its exactly as i expected if not pleasantly surprising..

THE ONE complaint i do have.. if you know anything about the gr16 lineup.. you'll know that most do not come with a functional dust cover.. this one does.. its supposed to open the dust cover when fired along with the charging handle being pulled.. unfortunately the G&G dust cover has a cheap little plastic lip on the inside which is not durable by any means, and unfortunately BROKE the very first day of operation!!!.. so please excersize caution when you CLOSE your dust cover.. you should be willing to push that little lip in every time or risk breaking it and then its just annoying.. EVIKE helped out ALOT and has since ordered me a new dust cover :).. its worth mentioning that NOT all parts on this gun are TM compatable INCLUDING the dust cover.. so before purchasing replacement parts you should really find out if its a unique GR16 part which is required..

other than that i dont expect anything else to fail on this gun any time soon and could not be happier with it!!!

one question.. does anyone know how to get the flashider off the blowback model?? the non blowbacks have a hex key on the bottom side.. however i do not see a hex key on mine.. and before heating+cranking i want to know for sure haha

evike = #1 customer service:)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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