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DBOY Full Metal AK74 Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Real Wood Handguard and Side Folding Stock
by Kathleen K. Date Added: November 30, 2010
Bought this gun a week ago and it works great. I put a new barrel in it, Matrix 407mmx6.03mm, and the disassembly is extremely easy. The only thing is that 407mm is too short a barrel, if you do buy this gun an extra barrel, get the 500-509mm one that fits it. On the RK 06 page it says the inner barrel is 407mm, which is why I bought the 407mm, but it really isn't. Overall the gun is very sturdy, zero wobble anywhere. The mag it comes with is crap, so buy some extra marui mags and file down the tab so they fit right. Shoots about 400fps with the new barrel, and the effective range is somewhere around 150 feet. I would recommend buying .25 bbs for maximum range and accuracy, but it works well with .23s. I had an issue where the motor came loose a little bit and wasn't gripping the gears right, but I was able to fix it pretty easy. ROF is pretty good, I would say 8-10rps. I'm planning on buying a type III #2 gearbox upgrade kit with a 509mmx6.01mm new barrel, high torque motor, 260% spring, new bucking, 9.6v battery, and new mags. It's going to be insane (probably around 500 fps, with .3s with an effective range of 200 feet and 16-19rps).

Good out of box rof and fps (about 400fps)
Extremely well built
All metal except pistol grip, but the grip is solid as a board
Good stain on the front grip, not orange or yellow, very sturdy
Heavy, about 8-9lbs (Could be a con, but I love it)
Folding stock is extremely sturdy and heavy duty
Sling it comes with is very good (although the metal clip is a pain to get on and off, but extremely sturdy)
Easy to disassemble for upgrades/fixes
Supports pretty much any marui/matrix internal upgrade
Has a side rail mount for AK compatible mounts
Very realistic
It DOES have a negative 14mm thread, so it can support barrel extensions if you want a 509+mm barrel, but mine was glued on and a pain to get off (I was able to get the flash hider off and scrape the glue off)
Awesome price ($150 is amazing for this high quality)
Not pot metal, all steel (Except for the charging handle, but it's very well built)

Crappy mag (It works, but it wobbles a lot)
Sights are a little off
Motor came loose after a couple days (easy fix)

Overall 5/5, very good
I would recommend this any day over CYMA or CA just because of the price and ease of use.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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