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Echo1 AK47 Contractors Personal Weapon AK74 (C.P.W) Full Size Airsoft AEG Electric Rifle - (Package: Rifle)
by brett s. Date Added: January 31, 2010
This gun is an amazing find. While I would recommend this to someone only if they had the extra coin to put on a red-dot scope (or even an x3 scope!). I did not buy this particular gun from Evike, but from a local retailer in my county.

-Powerful: Mine chronos at 405 reliably with .20 bbs. I say go for accuracy and get .25s

-Accurate: I can put in well over 80% of bbs into a 12"x1" rectangular peephole without optics

-Full Metal & RIGID!: I've fallen over and tripped so many times while holding this gun. It still shoots true and still feeds relatively well.

-Weight: This gun feels real, just like many others say, that's a plus for me (to some extent).

-Rails: You may think that the rails on this gun are a bit of overkill, but where else could you put a battery pack AND a raised scope mount on the same AK?

-Awesome package: The foregrip and the huge high-cap always give me a lot more comfort, though I may swap it out for one of those bi-pod/foregrip combos due to the length of the high-cap mag. It's plastic so I don't want to rest this gun on it and possibly tweak how it feeds or screw up the mag well.

Cons: (More than you would expect, but half of this is preference)

-Length: This gun, with the stock out to my ideal length is about 42" long. This makes it difficult to pop out of cover, line up, and take a shot quick enough to take the lead in a CQB type match. The fields I play on are either dense woods or urban, so this gun sucks for CQB. Back up your teammates while you pick players off from behind.

-Firing rate: Something I've realized while using the STOCK 8.4v battery; In Semi-Auto, the piston requires you to hold down the trigger for a full second before it goes back and fires. In close quarters scenarios, a full second to line up and a full second to fire is just too long.

-Battery compartment: This comes with an M4 stock adapter, so you're able to replace it and fix this issue, but I cannot put a 9.6v battery without grinding 1/8" off the forward part of the receiver to accommodate the battery's girth and length. I'm not that good with power tools and I don't think there's enough leeway to really grind that off. I'm paranoid about upgrading to LiPoly, despite what the site says (You never know what someone will say to sell something). Basically, my choices are to either risk $80+ on my gearbox upgrade to LiPoly, Buy a new stock and a 9.6v battery and run an extension cable all the way down to the stock or take my gun apart and do that, a possible $50-60, spend $90 on a 9.6v external battery pack possibly having to cut into the upper to run the wiring, or do nothing and leave it as is. This gun deserves more than 8.4v on a battery. I just don't like the options, so I have a question for the manufacturer at the end of this.

-Weight: You need good endurance to use this weapon. Weighing in at almost 10lbs, that plus all the other gear really wears you out in just a couple of hours.

Extra stuff:
Personally, I see no benefit in putting rails on the side other than for a flashlight (which may very well be its purpose!), but I've seen people talk about putting a scope on those side rails, which is good for defensive firing OVER cover, but not very much for anything else.

A question for the manufacturer, though. Hopefully you'll respond sooner rather than later, since my next tourney is in three weeks and I need to know soon. What would your advice be in terms of putting in a LiPoly battery (the smallest I've found on the site is 11.1v)? The vendor I bought it from says that the box slams very hard with just an 8.4v. What would I expect in terms of wear and tear on the gearbox that comes with this gun? Is it enough to recommend just replacing it with a higher performance gearbox?

I'm giving this 4 stars purely for the fire rate and the battery compartment. Versatility is hugely cut down due to having to either upgrade or put up with it.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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