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Matrix JG T3 RAS Marui Clone Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black (Package: Rifle)
$179.00 $140.00
by Alex L. Date Added: January 20, 2010
Ok ... Where to start. This gun is a solid piece of plastic. It is good plastic, and could probably take a lot of hurt. The body is plastic, but a lot of things on this gun are actually metal, which i was surprised at. The ROF with the included 8.4 volt, 1500 mah battery is very good - comparable to my friends KWA M4 with an 8.4 volt - and i have not yet run out on the battery, despite putting about 2000 rounds through it. The gun tends to be a bit front heavy (thanks to the enourmous rails - 28 rails on the bottom, and both sides) but the Vert grip helps a lot. The vert grip itself is rubberized, and is much more comfortable to hold than the magazine. I have not had a misfeed with the magazine, and it winds forener and shoots forever. Luckily, the magazine has quick wind, with an included butterfly winder thing. The charging handle works the dustcover, and exposes the hop-up. The hop-up on mine was very sticky, but now I have it tuned and it shoots straight as an arrow. I was facing a guy, and he was behind a biga** tree, and he surendered. Such is the power of this gun. If you are under 5'6", DO NOT GET THIS GUN!!!! It will be much to big and long. This gun is dead accurate, with good power.

FPS is good for a starter gun
ROF is great
ACCURATE as heck
BIG rails
GOOD hop-up
VERT. Grip
500 round High Cap mag
DMR Rifle, use it for long range, not CQB!

HUGE (might be a pro)
HEAVY, but hey, its a battle rifle which in real life fires the 7.62x51 mm NATO round
CHARGING handle sounds rattley when sprung back

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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