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Matrix Maurshin Clone M500 SSB High Capacity Five round / Shot Full Metal Gas Shotgun. (Short)
by Andrew M. Date Added: February 10, 2009
I just recently bought this gun.
2 words: It's Amazing!!
So prepare yourself because i have a lot to say about this gun. I just recently bought it and it comes with a barrel cleaner, bb's and instructions and there''s not much to it. Disclaimer to all the rumers lately....Sorry guys there are no shells but i honestly think that shells wouldn't make this the gun that it is....they would just be one more hassle. All things aside though......if you want to intimidate like mad and be a badass, buy this gun....its fully metal right down to the grip.....which is really sturdy. Nothing about this gun is flawed. It has 3 tubes for loading and you simply twist a pin and turn the barrel clockwise and you are reloaded. You get atleast 10 shots per tube so atleast 50 bbs per tube. Sometimes the bb's hate to go in when its full. But just take out a few and stuff the barrel down again. Its gas, its brilliant and you get to let your bb's fly untill atleast 20 shots and then your out of be prepareed to buy a sidearm if you're going to use this thing. I don't know why you'd carry this thing around as a sidearm anyway though.....but. its up to you. iTs pretty heavy.
This gun DOES not shoot 410 or more. With the 5 shot, its obvious to only release enough pressure alone to release 5 bbs and maybe with one shot you could get it up to 430 on the chronograph, i chronod mine and its 320-330! so not bad! Amazingly for a shotgun, this baby is really accurate up to 60 or more feet. At that rate, the fps is gonna go close range say.....30 ft. would kick ass.
DO NOT USE THE TERMINATOR MOVE ON THIS GUN! It will break the gun. But rest assured.....its metal, and its 180 dollars so......if you want to be a badass, buy this gun!!!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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