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JG / AGM Full Size M3 Realistic Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (CQB Pistol Grip)
by Andy B. Date Added: September 26, 2009
*Lets Out Sigh* All right....

First off, this was my VERY first purchase from Evike, and I was impressed with the shipping, FIVE DAYS! It also arrived RIGHT ON THE DUE DATE! Yay!

But.. Not with the product itself.... Here's the rundown:

I first got it, and the box looked like it was beaten to the moon and back; dented everywhere. This had no effect on thew product, however. I cut it open with my Razor by Spyderco, and found that it was harder to open than it looked. Took me a good five minutes.

Anyway, open the box and WOW! See this sexy beast staring back at me! I pick it up and immideitly notice one thing; it was LIGHT, which is strange because I remember on the site it said clearly "HEAVY WEIGHT." Anyway, finding that odd, I set it down and picked up the shells; They seemed cheap but work pretty well... Exceot they misfeed terribly. I'll get to that later.

I ordered the Six Pack of shotgun shells to go with it, and was impressed. They looked very shiny. I received three black and three red. I cracked that case open like a walnut and found that they seemed to actually be CHEAPER in quality of the original ones! I was discouraged, but I pressed on.

I noticed a funny smell on my hands after handling the shotgun, which I identified as that cheap dollar store plastic smell. It disgusted me and amazed me, for it was a good gun.

So anyway, I load some shells and proceed to go into my driveway and pelt the rock in the neighbor's yard from across the street. But noticed something funny: The hop up was set to max right out of the box, and therefore there is only a 10 PERCENT chance of a BB firing everytime I shoot, even after I adjusted it. The shells keep misfeeding, and the thing NEVER FIRES! It's so RARE to get a shot off! So in general, it was a good buy, just need to get the hopup reajusted.


Accurate (When it works.)
Hits HARD!
Good Shell capacity.


That AWFUL cheap plastic smell.
Shell holder is useless.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]
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