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KWA M9 Tactical PTP Gas Blowback Airsoft Training Pistol
by Brandon C. Date Added: April 17, 2010
I give this product a 9 out of 10 simply because no product is perfect. When they say exactly like the real Beretta M9, they mean it. Straight down to disassembly. The only difference i could find was the barrel design, which of course must be different. externally, the only way to differentiate is by the orange tip and the magazine does not drop free when released. This is good though as a dropped magazine could be a broken magazine. All external controls work the exact same.

Yes, the outer barrel is plastic, get over it. The gun is a charm. At 25 yards i can easily stay within a paper plate. 10 yards and you better have eye protection cause i'll hit them. When you fire your last round, the slide locks back as well, a feature i was pleasantly surprised by. Also, you'll notice in the review video the pistol seems to have made in taiwan printed on the side, thankfully, that is just a sticker.

The gun balances very well, true to the Beretta M9, and the magazine is weighted heavily so that it feels like a magazine fully loaded with bullets. There is a loaded magazine indicator/extractor claw on there like the real one does, but since there is nothing to extract, it is non functional and does not move. Don't try to move it either, i almost broke mine out of gentle curiosity.

My only dislike on the gun was it's rear sight. while it is true to M9 design, it is not proportioned correctly to the front sight. the "trough" of the rear sight, if you will, is too shallow and covers half of the front dot upon proper alignment. It is also much too wide, so centering the front sight is not as quick as it could be. This bugs me because I am an actual firearms competition shooter (IPSC) and like using my sights for realism. This is not really a problem though since you will usually sight down the barrel in an airsoft game and it is not accurate enough to really need sights. So in my opinion this would be considered a minor flaw.

The gun comes with a small bottle of oil to keep your gun lubricated, instructions, parts chart, one magazine, and a small bag of cheap BB's. there is no instructions for disassembly, so do not attempt without finding help first, unless you are already familiar with breaking down the real M9.

Overall this is an excellent and superior Airsoft pistol. Great as a backup in games, or for pistol matches, and one of the best training tools I have found or used for actual firearm shooting. There's a reason it's called PTP. It really is a Professional Training Pistol.

What i'm trying to say is, simply press Add to Cart. You won't be disappointed. But if you do buy it, i highly suggest getting one or two extra mags to go with it. The AI propane adapter kit is also an excellent choice.

Realism (any more real and it would shoot 9mm bullets)
Accuracy (the squirrels can attest to that)
Quality (I don't plan on dropping it, but if i do, i know it'll get back up running)
Weight (i guess this goes with realism. Get over it.)
Cool Factor (that's right)

Rear Sight (i hate to even list this because it is so minor)
Waiting for it to arrive and checking your doorstep every half hour.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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