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JG Li-poly Ready Stubby CQB M4 Airsoft AEG w/ Reinforced Black Metal Gear Box - (Package: Rifle)
by Leslie H. Date Added: April 4, 2010
For you people looking for a small but efficient close quarters weapon, this is for you:

The gun itself measures 21.5 inches long, and has a good bit of weight to it for its size. Its not that much, but not too much. Rubber coated grip and stock, a thin layer, but itll hold up if properly maintained. Things can erode it away, oils from your body that come into contact with it can wear that away, behind it theres just plain plastic, so no need to experiment with that. Externally the gun looks good, the Engraving marks on the rail system didnt come with mine, but then again i didnt buy it for the Golden Eagle marking now did i? Thankfully also the made in china label didnt come with mine either :D

Internally, i havent taken it apart much, but form what little tinkering i have done, the internals look solid. As far as the hopup goes, its just the standard 2 piece plastic hopup, isnt the best isnt the worst. My adjustment gear broke and fell out, so i ordered a new one today, so hopefully that fixes that.

Externally, the rail on the top of the gun, dust cover, mock ejection port, charging handle, trigger, trigger guard, outer barrel, checkered buttplate, and the rail removal rings are all metal(In the picture, the circular shape beside the screws on the back of the rail system.) You can remove the rail system, just twist the whole thing counter clockwise(your right) and you can take it off, now take care not to lost the 2 little pieces of metal, you need those to fix your rail system so it doesnt move. The sling swivel on the back of the stock is metal also, but it gets a little wobbly in its place, which is actuyally a good thing in my opinion, that way the sling adjusts the gun fitting to its position.

The sights the gun comes with are decent, also metal. My rear sights release and hold spring broke, so now its up the whole time, cant lower it normally. The front site is decent, usually what i do is flip it around so it can hang over the barrel.

Battery: Well, its a battery, rate of fire is moderately high with it, but its a pain to work with putting in at times, not too bad, just kind of retarded that they made all these little parts inside the stock that stick out for no reason, but thats likely me just over exagerrating. Now if you want to take off the full stock, theres a straight screw slot on the upper end of the stock, take that out and you can take out the stock. And you can do whatever you need with it, replace it, burn it, whip it at someone, whatever tickles your fancy, but i wouldnt burn it, its a good stock, minus the inner structure stick outs.

Performancewise, this thing has a good big of power, the FPS rates are accurate, compared to Airsoft Megastore where i initially bought htis form, but its the exact same thing. AMS over rates their FPS, thats a reason to shy away. FPS isnt everything, but its important. Jamming is not a concern here, the VN(Vietnam) magazine that comes with this feeds very well and has no problems at all. This gun isnt shy about making its prescense known either, it makes a nice low pitched but lout pop everytime.
Note, use 20 or 23 gram, i use 20, but will try 23 in the near future.

All in all a great gun, but id recommend getting a tighbore and longer outer barrel, although range is decent, a tb could really do some improvement. If your looking for a good cqc weapon, i hope this review helped you on what to pick, because htis is a great buy.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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