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JG Li-poly Ready Stubby CQB M4 Airsoft AEG w/ Reinforced Black Metal Gear Box - (Package: Rifle)
by Laurence G. Date Added: January 3, 2010
I got this gun for 125 but I would still buy for 135. the guns was origanally for my little brother but he decided he didn't want when the gun came so i ended up with it. when i first tried it out i was amazed. from what i can tell the fps is around 370 which is perfect, the range and accuracy is amazing even though it has such a short barrel. i currently use a 9.6v and it has great rpm. if you want this gun to play cqb or for back up this gun is the best for the price even though 135 now. if you want a primary i would recommend the Matrix Eagle Custom JG Li-Poly Ready M4A1 w/ One Piece Barrel. (Full Tune Up 380~450 F.P.S.).
WAR STORY: i was playing airsoft with seven other kids at this castle place when my main gun broke down and i only had the stubby killer left. we where playing elimenation and it was my friend grant and i vs 6 other less experienced kids. me and grant were attacking the castle while the other team where defending it. right when the game begins i sprinted to to a bunker in front of the castle and tried to distract the other team while grant silently crawled to a sniper tower. Grant took aim and was about to fire when one person on the other team said watch out he's over there. and the entire team pointed the guns at grant and began to fire. just then i ran over to where grant was. I took the top floor while he took the bottom. there was this metal fence on the top floor so it was almost imposible for them to hit you but you could still slide your gun through the metal fencing and fire at them. I started going rambo with this gun and managed to pin four of the other team's players. while they were pinned grant made a wild dash for the castle and shot one of the other players twice in the face. the other players started heading back to castle to find and shoot grant. and they succeded, at least half way, they managed to shoot him once in the leg before he dived for cover. thankfully we were playing two hit kill so he still had one more life. while he hid in some bushes I snook around the castle as i was sneaking around i caught three people and shot two of them but the last one was hiding and i didn't see him. he jumped out of the bushes pointed his gun at me and was about to fire when grant, who had been sneaking through the bushes, shot him twice in the leg. that only left two more people who were in the castle. one of them was going down the stairs when grant shot if a few times in the chest. the other was hiding on the second story and when grant started running to the stairs he unloaded on him. thankfully grant had heard him before he started firing and dived for cover. the kid had been looking over the rail on the second story so i shot him in the face one time. then i noticed i crack in the wood he was standing on, put the barrel of my gun in the crack and fired. that ended the game making us victorious. all in all buy this or the Matrix Eagle Custom JG Li-Poly Ready M4A1 w/ One Piece Barrel. (Full Tune Up 380~450 F.P.S.).
Evike rocks.

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