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M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Riot Shotgun - Full Stock
by GARY H. Date Added: February 19, 2009
now now kids this a pro airsofter tellin u this gun is a stone cold killa for any expierenced airsoft player!!!! I bought this gun close to 3 years ago and i havnt had 1 single problem not even a jam!! now i bought this for my vietnam loadout as a cheap substitute as a m870. with some slight mods i made it look like the shotgun BUNNY uses in PLATOON the movie. we reanact vn battles from that movie. we have huge 100 on 100 at dusk and night and man this thing has saved my but alot!!! i mean alot!!! in the battles i sit in a fox hole with 2 other guys who got m16's and grenades!!! its very tough to take out 50 guys charging u with 400fps aks with grenades m16's and a shotgun!! but i found out to upgrade it!! lube up the spring and internals so that it can pump easy. my pump i can pump 1 handed!!! but i wear my shoty on my back have 2 bandoliers of 12 m16 mags and another MOLLE shoulder rig with 8 more mags and 2 mag dump pouches and a small shotshell pouch plus my helmet and my backpack!!! Man i got alot of gear and puttin this shotgun on isnt really that bad cuz its light with my mods !! so in conclusion if you want a good P.T.W shotgun go for this one!!! make sure u folo my tips and u got yourself a $70 P.T.W!!! P.S= buy at least 3 packs of extra shells cuz in a firefight they go fast!! i carry so manny mags cuz they are all 30 rounders so there u go!!!

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