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z Matrix Maurshin Clone M500 SSB High Capacity Five round burst Full Metal Gas Shotgun (Full Size)
by Nicholas B. Date Added: April 1, 2009
AWESOME GUN!!!! I bought mine in the bone yard. obviously the cocking and loading slides are a little weak. both were broken on my gun they are only made from pot metal. lucky most the broken parts were packaged with the gun and I was able to fabricate them out of steel at work, so mine is stronger than most but I still wont attempt the one hand cock. just no point in it, and not worth breaking your gun to look cool unless you only have one arm.


-5 ROUNDS in one shot!

-Heavy Weight (close to the weight of my real mossberg)

-REAL STEEL STOCKS FIT!!! (Just don't use a real steel stock screw they are usually standard and your threads in your gun are metric, go buy a metric screw or you will strip out the threads)

-Great distance, I bought this gun as a close quarters gun, but it's got a pretty high FPS so you get a lot of range as well as a good punch.

-Sights are easy to take off and looks slick with no sights (who needs sights when you got a 5 shot shotgun anyway. learn some hand eye coordination lol)

-Orange tip is a little piece of plastic lightly glued on the tip comes off very easy


-Cocking and loading slides are pot metal (pretty weak, but if respected should be fine)

-Gas Hog!!! this gun uses a lot of gas, but if you run propane it isn't too spendy to use (Always use silicone with propane, if you don't your seals will dry out and break!!!)

-Orange tip is a little piece of plastic lightly glued on the tip comes off very easy (could be a bad thing as well)

I can't say this would make a good first and only gun, it's a lot of fun but you'll find yourself at a major disadvantage on a field full of AEG's. kick in the *** for a gas gun only war...

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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