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z Custom KWA KM4S Airsoft AEG Rifle (Newest 2GX 9mm Gearbox Version)
by JOHN P. Date Added: September 18, 2010
Just got the gun about a week ago and have been playing around with it. It is a great gun and I love almost everything about it. It is almost THE PERFECT gun, except for a couple things that you just have to accept and get used to. In terms of all the pros and good stuff, everyone(and the description) has already mentioned them and I agree with them all 100%. The "complications" with the battery compartment and magazine fitments in general are also true, though there are work-arounds/fixes I have found to help out. And now for several things I did not know/expect from the gun that I did not see listed anywhere else.
1. Yes, the fore grip is made of high quality polymer with alloy rails (and I do not have a problem with that). HOWEVER, it is only attached to the gun at the very top and is not really held in place/supported by anything anywhere else (kind of just free hanging). It is sturdy, but has a slight wobble due to it being polymer and ONLY secured at the very top of the gun. I am afraid of attaching a vertical grip to it and swinging it around as I would in a CQB match. Is there anyway to fix/adjust this? I am still researching it.
2. While on the same subject of the fore grip, as I was opening it up to put in the li-po battery, I saw a stamp on the bottom of the foregrip that said "BOYI SR SYSTEM." Is this what is meant by CUSTOM KWA KM4s as listed as the title on evike? Or is that something KWA contracted out for someone else to do? I am not sure, I just assumed everything of the gun was KWA made.
3. The bottom alloy rail piece does not extend all the way, and is only about half the length of the bottom foregrip (I thought it extended the full amount). Obviously I did not take a good enough look at the picture (my fault), but this can be fixed by purchasing an add on rail.
4. On the middle of the top RIS rail there is a big screw. I thought by tightening this I could somehow fix issue #1 but I was mistaken and found issue #4. I can not fully tighten this screw. If I do, the rail will inch to the right and will not remain aligned with the rest of the rail; the only way I can keep it 100% straight with the rest of the rail is by leaving it about 90% tightened.
5. Though to me this isn't necessarily a bad thing, I shall include it in here since it is a review. The paint on the metal does come off extremely easily (scratches, etc). It is very very VERY thin and will probably get worn out very soon. I actually like the well-worn look of metal pieces but I can only speak for myself. I shall say this is a negative thing because usually paint is SUPPOSED to stick onto the gun and stay there for a while. But to each their own preferences.

These are just a couple things I have found out about the gun so far. I shall update this as soon as I find out more. It shoots well and does everything the description and fellow reviewers says. I would give this gun a 9/10 because of the above listed 5 things which are all cosmetics. I would recommend this gun to anyone who wants a very versatile m4, just be aware of the above mentioned concerns. Thanks for reading this really long and boring review, I hope it helped; have fun and play safe! :)

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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