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JG 10" Metal RIS Handguard System for G36C / G36K Series Airsoft AEG
by Sean O. Date Added: November 6, 2010
i got this a while back, and i have a few things i'd like to share about it, the metal is extremely well made, it's one solid peice of metal, no screws no junk, no messing around, just bang, one solid extremely well made peice, it holds a grenade launcher, peq box, flishlight, lazor, you name it, it works like a dream, and definentally turns heads when you step onto the feild with it. it looks absolutly amazing, the lazer engraved markings and everything are pricelessly done. the only con i had with this was fitting it onto my jg g36. the nubs didnt align with the little slots for it to attatch to the gun, so i had to do some work. i cut the nubs on the body of my gun practicallt in half before it would squeeze overtop of them, and even this took a lot of force. this also doesnt permit me to keep my battery inside like i always did before, so i decided i'd stick my battery wire from my g36 out of one of those nifty little heat holes, and it fits perfectly rightthere. this way i can attatch any battery upgrade i want with a peq box attatched externally. in away this is a benifit because it really motivated me to upgrade my battery situation. but all in all, i absolutly love it, it's unique, it's practical, it's convenient, its solid steady, no wobles-nothing, and the free floating barrell is just amasing, i've never seen a comparable hand gaurd. now yes, it is quite pricey, and i too was kind of wery of buying a handgaurd 2/3 the price of my gun bought stock, but now that i have it i dont regret a thing, i love this product, and i would recomend it to anyone, 5/5. honestly, this is extremely well dont, you get every penny you pay for it.

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