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JG / AGM Full Size SPAS Realistic Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (5-POS LE Stock)
by Caleb J. Date Added: April 6, 2009
Great gun for $20.

I bought this one on a whim cuz my old crossman shotty finally gave up the ghost and I wanted a cheap gun to keep loaning out to friends who wanted to try out airsoft. The pump action on this gun is so much better than the crossman or the other cheap models on this site. This one is braced on both sides of the barrel so it doesn't put strain on one side and cause it to snap (happened twice to my crossman). The gun is light and compact, so it is great for players who like to move quickly, or for the smaller guys. FPS isn't bad, a little lacking compared to the crossman, but way better than other guns i've used that cost twice as much! The shells are a nice touch as well. I always hated the fake magazines that came with shotguns and gravity-feed chambers just don't feed at every angle you try to shoot from (like off of a roof). The shells make you feel pretty friggin cool too when you thumb a new one into the chamber and pump the action for a new shot! It doesn't keep up with AEG's, of course, but it isn't useless against them. Just hold the trigger and slam-fire when things get sticky. The gun is made entirely of plastic as far as i can tell except for the inner barrel. Durability is not in issue though! I've beat the crap out of this gun and noobs that i lend it too have dropped it, stepped on it, knocked it off of a railing on to cement, and crawled in a sandy tunnel with it. The only thing broken is the flap that covers the shell when it's in the chamber, but the pin that holds the shell in place holds is securely enough that neither I nor any noob has managed to lose any of the 4 shells.

durability: good plastic and great pump-action setup
fps: about 250-280 by my estimates
Rate of Fire: shotguns are the fastest spring-action guns
Looks: Very tactical...
Lots of Rails
Very quiet and stealthy

Not as powerful as AEG's (duh!)
Fore grip is kinda slick
Light if you prefer realism to functionality

Overall, this gun is a steal. Get a couple just to have as a backup or for your newbie friends who wanna try airsoft but don't have a gun. ABUSE THIS THING! After all, if it breaks you can get another for $25...

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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