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JG T3-K1 Full Size Lipo Ready Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ 400 FPS Metal Gearbox - (Package: Rifle)
$160.00 $130.00
by Kyle T. Date Added: May 21, 2010
Overall this is an awesome "cheap" gun. Being only 125-155 dollars this is a relatively cheap AEG for airsoft.

There is a huge amount of upgrade ability to be done to this gun, if you wish. You can use this gun as a support type weapon with high rof and lower fps, or you can amp it up and use it as a single shot sniper weapon, the possibilities are awesome.I won't talk about that, because honestly... if you want to do that, that is your choice and you better know what the hell you are doing.

The long barrel makes this gun pretty darn accurate and the high fps spring adds to this. The Hop up is kind of choppy to adjust for me and difficult to adjust for me, although once you get it where you want it, it shoots nicely. Optics can be added by using a G3/mp5 mount, and whatever you get varies on what you want to do with the gun.

The gun comes with an already pretty high rof, just when shooting be sure to shoot in short bursts so you don't hurt your internal gearbox. The bursts are relatively well grouped together.

I believe that the gun chrono'd at around 330 or 340 with .25s for me. I use .35's for best accuracy, work wonderfully.

The magazine fits very snuggly, yet is easy to get out. I have never had any feeding issues, even when firing full auto for over 5 seconds or so, just be sure to keep it wound.

I have opened up the gearbox, and it is sort of sloppy... there is strange factory grease lying about in random locations. The shim job is comes with works pretty well, but once you open it, you have to change it anyways. The piston is rather crappy material and will crap out on you eventually (but not for a while if you fire only semi and short bursts) To my surprise the bushings are 7mm, rather than 6mm, which is a positive... but not really since they are crappy looking plastic ones. The spring in the gun is pretty hot and will hurt your gearbox over time, so it would be wise to either upgrade your gearbox or downgrade your spring.

Oh yes, the bipod... Well, the bipod itself works pretty well, it folds, it is metal, and yeah. Sometimes the part comes off center and it has to be twisted back into place, really simple fix. But the way the bipod is held onto the gun is completely stupid... seriously, the bipod WILL fall off if you run with your gun. If you like the bipod, then you need to go to a hardware store and modify the bipod so it stays on permanently (i did this and I love it completely). If you don't like the bipod, just remove it and forget about it.

Very accurate (can hit target at about 125 feet or so)
High rof
7mm bushings
Body seems durable plastic

Bipod comes off easily (Easy fix)
Plastic Bushings (easy fix)
Cheap Piston (easy fix)
needs to be taken care of if you want it to last long (meaning you have to clean it often, check that everything is okay often)

Summary: If you are a fan of the G3, and do not have the money to buy a higher end gun, get this one, it works great. The gun is quite long, so if you are a smaller person, find something else. This length gives the gun tremendous accuracy at pretty long ranges (125 feet or so). Really nice gun, great platform for upgrades, yet also works very well stock.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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