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JG VSR-10 / BAR-10 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle w/ Metal Trigger Box - 450 FPS (Package: Rifle Only)
by Alex T. Date Added: October 11, 2009
Ok. I have owned this gun for a little over three months now. It's a good quality gun right out of the box. I've played in many battles with it and it's decently accurate. And I generously say decent. But after playing long enough, I've come to the conclusion that unless you have $200 - $500 laying around for upgrades you shouldn't buy this gun. My reasons why:

1. When buying an airsoft gun, the majority of people think sniping is the way to go. I'm, here to tell you it's not like in the movies where you pick off some unsuspecting person from a mile away. This gun won't shoot 200ft stock. So unless you have the $200 - $500 it will take to upgrade and make this gun lethal in wars, don't buy it.

2. Everyone of your friends has an AEG. You say, "Oh, I'll be the sniper for you guys!" WRONG! The other team is going to run up on you and light you up while you're on the ground helplessly trying to pull that bolt back. One shot vs. 600RPM (Rounds Per Minute) - 10RPS (Rounds Per Second).

3. Money, Money, Money! Everybody wants it but very few have it. The JG Bar-10 is a fine gun (stock) for small wars and backyard plunking. But, if you want to hit anybody with this gun in a serious war, you are going to HAVE to put $200 - $500 into it. You'll have to upgrade: Cylinder, Piston, Spring Guide, Spring, Trigger System, Barrel, and Hop Up. To buy all those parts from Laylax or PDI, which are the both the best quality parts, it will cost you $400 - $500 at the least.

Conclusion: It's a fine gun. Nothing bad about it. Shoots ok stock, but again I say you will HAVE to put a ton of money into making this gun a serious war gun. Save your money, buy and AEG.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]
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