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Matrix VSR-10 MB03 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle by WELL - Black (Package: Rifle)
by Luke M. Date Added: July 9, 2008
Most of what im about to say is opinion but its watev. I just got back from an event where we played deep in the woods and i was carrying a type 96 shadow op sniper, which is a pretty nice gun and i really couldnt do anything without just sitting there for 30 mins waiting for someone to fall into my trap. But in the woods, people don't just run through the brush like a gazelle hoping that they will see someone before someone sees them.... thats not how it goes, if your holding an automatic you can work your way up and still have some range of a sniper of this price. But when ur a sniper, u stay in the way back and just get prone, or climb a tree, or just sit there until someone who has balls infiltrates your side and you can get them. im a sniper for my team of 4 and i love it, hell sniper is the best thing ever, but i have recently learned that if you are going to play in woodland with leaves and bushes and trees, its a no go. In urban environments like houses and in a smaller premesis snipers, for airsoft, usually perform better, and AEG's perform better in woodlands because if you spray a burst of like 10 BB's you can do that in like 2 or 3 seconds and only a few will get through, but with a sniper you have to shoot cock aim fire shoot cock aim fire, instead of just squeezing a trigger and untimately getting the job done faster and easier. Those are my 2 cents, get the gun if you wish but my opinion is to get a AEG if your going to be playing in the woods.

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