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z G&G RK47 AK47 Full Size Airsoft AEG
by Jennifer K. Date Added: Friday 26 November, 2010
This is beyond the shadow of a doubt the quintessential AK-47 in all of airsoft. I love this gun, I use it very often, and it has seen several heats in airsoft wars, all without failure.
I use an 11.1v Li-Poly in my gun and it does not adversely affect the gun in any way. The internals are extremely well-made. Aside from the long life, the ROF is insane now. This also means faster trigger response, so you can hit your target just that much faster.
The side-rail on the gun is only the attachment point for a rail unit, and Evike does not sell the one depicted on the gun, but I recommend the UTG quick-detach with the double rail for the most options.
It fires roughly 360 fps on .20g ammo, and 250 fps on .25g ammo, which has me dumbfounded, but the chrono doesnít lie. I strongly recommend .20g ammo ONLY unless you put a much stronger spring in the gun. You must use high grade BBs in this gun, it has a tight bore barrel. Note that my gun is entirely unmodified except for a replacement gear (which I broke) and new lubrication.
-Solid, high-quality metal internals
-Tight bore barrel
-Li-Poly ready, use with disgression as Li-Poly is somewhat dangerous in any gun, despite the amazing build of this particular gun.
-REAL WOOD finish!
-Quiet gun, probably the quietest gun I have ever used
-Large-type tamiya battery (I prefer small for my Li-Poly, but I have an adaptor)
-Side rail for mounting optics

-Wood is poorly finished in some spots, this is very insignificant in my opinion because it is in spots that are rarely touched
-8.4 volt battery in bonus package barely fits into the butt stock, with forcing. I recommend not buying it unless you want it for another gun, itís still a decent battery, though, and the extra charger is very helpful. So itís not much of a con.
-AK-type iron sights are hard to see in low light with a mask on, so buy a rail unit and a red dot if you have a mask and feel you will be fighting in the dark. If that is so, then you may as well buy a flashlight, anyway.

-G&G AK series guns DO NOT use other mags. Period. I used CA, TM, the "Holy Cow Special" mags (unknown maker), and several others. None but G&G will even fit into the mag well without force and a grinder, much less feed into the gun.
Bottom line: If you want a well-made AK that won't fail you unless you intentionally break it, this is your gun. You will not be disappointed.

To Matt R: No, the stock is true to the real gun and you will have to modify or completely replace the entire receiver, and attach a PEQ box somewhere else to hold your battery.
To Rosemead999 9: On my gun, this is not so, but I cannot speak for every gun out there. Also, you canít fit more than an 8.4v into the stock without doing some serious woodwork, so just compare your nun-chuck to an 8.4 to get your answer.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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